The Best Accessory for Brides On The Go: Ring Bandits


I’m cooking dinner. Parmesan encrusted tilapia (*pinches nose*) in all its scented, herb-infused glory. Then, I’m cleaning said tilapia pans. Then, I’m off to work out, showering after that work out, moisturizing after that shower – all of these situations are instances in which you should remove your engagement ring. Here’s the problem: even when I remember to take off my beloved gem, I have to walk into my closet to set it safely inside my jewelry box. Sure, it’s not a ton of effort when I’m home – but on the go, what’s a gal to do? Introducing:



The functional, stylish accessory with a hidden zipper pocket. Ring Bandits look like chic little bracelets, but their purpose is so much bigger than style alone. Ring Bandits fit your wrist, water bottle or phone – so whether you’re attending hot yoga, bleaching the bathrooms or getting hands on at work, you can remove your ring and keep it close, ensuring its safety.

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More than one in 10 (11%) clumsy couples lost an engagement or wedding ring, with more than a third going straight down the drain – the top reason cited was kitchen or bathroom-related mishaps (34%). 29% took it off and misplaced it, while more than a quarter (27%) said that their ring fell off their finger and they couldn’t find it later. One in five (18%) explained that their ring fell off when they were swimming.
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The thought of losing my engagement ring threads my stomach into KNOTS. I love wearing my silicone ENZO band (when I remember to swap it out before a workout) but that’s the issue – there are so many daily activities that could tarnish or ruin your ring; and they can be avoided by simply taking it off and storing it safely in your Ring Bandit!

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This is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone this season. In addition to your newly engaged bestie, your fiance, cooking afficianado work friend and cross-fit instructor will LOVE the soft, stylish accessory. Place a house key, medication, money, anything small and valuable inside. They’re essential for your wild Vegas bachelorette or Hawaiin honey moon!

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I have recently developed this double-checking OCD-like habit related to anything important. When I leave the house, I have to go through my routine to make sure the stove is off, the dogs’ water bowls are filled, my hair tools are unplugged and the door is locked. I know that when I take off my ring and zip it in, I’m also removing the anxiety that comes with losing my engagement ring. I couldn’t be more pleased with my Ring Bandit – they’re comfy, cute and less than $25 (well worth avoiding the expense of fixing or replacing your rings.) Get yours here!


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