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Whimsical Signage & Wanderlust Prints by

A Quartzy Life

Remember the wedding I just attended in Chico Springs? Among Tanner & Erika’s elegantly branded wood slab centerpieces, hints of white and orange and playful bouquets of greenery – was this beautifully painted ceremony sign:


Let me remind y’all: this wedding took place in the breathtaking mountains of Montana; so any décor element had a big job: impress guests and peel their eyes away from the view, even for just a moment. Artist Lauren Younis (friend of the bride, sister of bridesmaid Jordan) had no trouble when she created this masterpiece! Read on for our exclusive interview with this inspirational artist:

Lauren, you are one artistic gal! When did you begin painting and at what point did you decide to open A Quartzy Life?

I started painting as a hobby in college. Making art was – and still is, in a different way now – a very therapeutic, opening process for me. I really create out of a love for creating. A Quartzy Life wasn’t really born until much later though; about three years ago, when I started looking at painting as more than just a hobby and something I may be able to make a viable business out of. I started turning my work into cards and art prints, and creating work for people’s weddings and special occasions, and the rest is history!

What products do you offer, what are your specialties?

For weddings, I make whatever people want! Seriously, wedding work is my favorite work to do. It’s always so custom and personal and I love working with people to make something they can look at on their special day and be so in love with. Most recently, I made a logo for a client who wanted meaningful, custom magnets to give as favors to her guests. My most asked-for items are wedding posters, which I custom make based on the bride and groom’s home states (or countries) and their desired message. I’ve also done several custom wedding invitations.

wedding poster 2

wedding poster 3

Those are AMAZING. Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

My inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere. Everyday I am in the habit of noticing life and being enamored by it: little details, things I see in nature, interactions I have with people. As an artist I think you have to look for joy. You have to find it all around you, in the simple things, and you will always have inspiration to create.

 I HAVE to get the deets behind the Marlatt’s gorgeous sign – can you tell me how you came up with the design elements?

Erika and Tanner’s design was based on the wedding posters I traditionally make, which contain the bride’s home state, the groom’s home state, and the state where they met, were married, or will live now that they are one. Erika wanted a larger piece, so I made her sign on wood, which I stained and painted in colors to match her wedding palate. She chose the words, and graciously left the rest of the design up to me. I was living in Colorado when I made the sign, and had no idea how I was going to get it to Montana for the wedding, but with the help of a road trip and a friend in Arizona who met Erika there with it, we managed to get it where it needed to go! I love that her sign literally went the distance and passed through the hands of helpful friends to get where it needed to go.

What is your favorite material to work with?

I love watercolor and acrylic, those are the mediums I most commonly use. They are light and easy to travel with, and as a nomad and someone who loves painting on the go, they are my go-to paints.


Can you offer decor advice to brides who want to go with signage?

I love that Erika and Tanner chose to put their sign at the aisle, to sort of signify a movement forward with one another. The sentiment on the sign so perfectly matched the symbolism of the beginning of their new life together. I’m always able to council brides on where their sign would work best, because once I create it there’s sort of always this revelation of where it would be most impactful and natural on their special day.

Seems like that’s definitely a favorite design! Any others?

E&T’s sign was a favorite, just because of the story behind it and what we had to go through to get it where it needed to be! You can also read here about Aisha and Andy’s wedding, for which I made a design that went on magnets for their wedding guests. Aisha is from the Caribbean and they got married in her home of the Dominican Republic. She has a tattoo of waves on her back, and I incorporated that image with text from a poem she wrote. She also read the poem over imagery of their romance in her wedding video, so guests got to take home a very personal representation of her beautiful words on love. Those are the items I love making: the ones that tell a real, beautiful story.

wedding logo

Now that all my brides are in love with your work – how can they commission you?


“As an artist I think you have to look for joy. You have to find it all around you, in the simple things, and you will always have inspiration to create.”

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5 Fabulous Bachelorette Bash Ideas

Sure, the proposal, engagement ring selfies, and saying yes to the dress are all fun – but every bride and her ‘maids look forward to the



It’s one of the few chances you have to kick up (or off) your heels, let your hair down and partay with your bride tribe! Dancing, drinking & laughing with your besties are mandatory activities. Whether you’re risking it all in Vegas, jamming all weekend long in Nashville or having a barre class bash, here are the cutest Bachelorette party themes of Summer 2017:



I’m obsessed with pineapples (who isn’t!?) This is such an easy, fabulous theme for any summer bachelorette party!






Can it get any more girly? The perfect theme for a mid-July pool party with your flock!

FAVOR: Flocked Up Koozie

DRINK: The Pink Flamingo

GAME: Flamingo Ring Toss



This theme is so glam. Sequins, luminous colors and so many festive, nautical party favors. Toast to your (mer)maids – you’re trading in the tail for the veil!

FAVOR: Mermaid Cover Up

DRINK: Mermaid Lemonade 

GAME: Floating Pool Pong



Margaritas. Build your own burrito bar. Monogrammed sombreros. Need I go on?

FAVOR: Fiesta Hair Ties

DRINK: Skinny Champagne Margarita

GAME: Booze Filled Piñata



We’re talking flower crowns, tons of jams, mimosa bars, a temporary tattoo station & a food truck! All the fun of the festival (without the passed out hipsters.)

FAVOR: Temporary Tatts

DRINK: Blackberry Lavender Champagne

GAME: Music Trivia Printables

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The MMW Guide: Preserving Your Wedding Day Details

After the tap runs dry, the DJ plays “closing time” & the day-of coordinator kicks you out – how will you preserve the biggest day of your life?

Aside from saved Snapchat stories and framed photos of the first dance, how will you keep the most special details alive? You’ve heard of cake preservation *dry heaves* and boxing up the dress, but it’s 2017 – there are better (& much cuter) ways! Read on to see how you can save the biggest moments from the best day:

The Cake


“Just kind of weird, you know?”

“Definitely not as good the second time.”

These are the responses I received when I asked my followers on Facebook to to describe their experiences with freezing the top tier of their wedding cake. Traditionally, newlyweds will freeze the top tier to eat on their first anniversary. The problem? Uh – it’s gross one year later! Send Paper Cakes by Mikey a photo of your cake and they’ll recreate it in pretty little ornament form! Hang it from your tree or display it all year round. It’s a sweet little sentiment that you can enjoy (without fake smiling in between spoonfuls!)

The Dress


No offense – but let me put this bluntly: 9/10 instances, your future daughter doesn’t want to wear your gown. She’ll want to pick her own! You don’t need to box it up and keep it for 25 years in hopes that she decides she loves that 2017 mermaid trend. While some brides opt for a “trash the dress” photoshoot, or framing their gown (á la Adrienne Maloof of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – who famously framed her gown that hangs next to her walk in closet) my favorite idea is taking a piece of your gown and having it set in a pendant. You can literally wear your wedding dress all year round! Shop memory jewelry here.

The Bouquet


There’s a ton of things you can do with your bouquet – from pressing the petals to making them an ornament, jewelry or even a candle, the possibilities are endless. My favorite is a super chic keepsake, the petal tray. You can use this gem for serving tea, as a catchall or a ring tray. I love that you can design it how you want – check out the super simple DIY here!

The Cards


You’ll obviously use the gifts you receive forever (so make sure to create a fabulous registry) but what holds the true sentiment aren’t the gifts, but the cards. I know, I know – so cheesy. Nobody knows my love of cards (passed down from my mom) more than my fiancé – who is forced to spend every holiday picking out the most perfect greeting card, usually featuring a bulldog. Cards are handpicked by your loved ones, a sweet message accompanied by their own handwritten greeting and signature…SWOON. Save the cards in a form you can easily revisit – a mini album.

The Cork


Obsessed with this home decor idea. You can always purchase another bottle of that special wedding night spirit, but unless you keep the original bottle, the charm sort of wears off. Display the cork with your framed wedding photos or even on your nightstand, wherever it sits, may it remind you to enjoy every toast as if it were your first.

What are your favorite ways to preserve big day details? Comment below!

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10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Overhead Florals

What’s the worst centerpiece you’ve ever seen?


An obnoxiously bulky ornate vase vomiting feathers? A weird fish bowl filled with ~violet~ pebbles and two belly up goldfish? Maybe a mixture of both like the monstrosity above?

I’ve seen some uggo’s. But regardless of clashing colors (or weird concepts) the most annoying thing a centerpiece can do is block a guest’s view! Holding convos, maintaining eye contact, snapping pics of the newlyweds and even enjoying dinner can be a pain – so instead of crowding the table, consider my favorite trend:

overhead floral arrangements


There are SO many reasons to love these beauties. They look stunning & effortless – at the same time! If your venue is strict on hanging decor, freshen up the antique chandeliers or wrought iron candle holder with bursts of greenery. Dimension + hiding the ever accumulating dust? Win!

Even if you’re going for a super simple ambiance, a light banner of foliage will add that personal touch you’ve been pining for.


Suspended florals are functionally elegant. You can enjoy sweet scents, a conversation with your date (and the pan-seared strip steak) all at once. No batting weeds out of your line of vision!


You can fill the air with flowers or let a few budding strands dangle; hanging florals are the perfect way to incorporate more of your color pallet into that tricky reception venue.


Centerpieces are often just that – the center of attention. But why showcase recycled wine bottles filled with roses when guests can’t keep their eyes off that dress, or the cake! Elevate, y’all.

Get creative with added accessories: string lights, lace, silk threads, even supporting flower pots!

It may look expensive & complicated, but that’s only cause they’re so spectacular. This is a decor element that can easily be put together using a slab of wood, rope, extra florals and a little love! Make it a DIY project for you and the father of the bride – or a bridesmaids activity (just add wine.)

There’s something extra whimsical about suspending individual flowers upside down – i’m getting Alice in Wonderland/backyard Garden Party vibes!

Remember when we discussed how trendy wreaths were this year? Instead of hanging them vertically, suspend a wreath horizontally and attach hanging roses. Did you just get goosebumps or just me?!

Tulle isn’t the only “in” material for garland and ceiling decor. Mark off certain areas, set up a natural photo booth background or offset a beautiful barn wedding with hanging florals!

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Color Scheme Forecast: 5 Hot Combinations for 2017 Weddings

2017 color schemes are dialed back, light & absolutely stunning for any season. Check out these incredible hues fit for a bright colorado winter wedding or a lakeside ceremony!

Martha’s Vineyard

blush + navy + gray


Preppy, classic & ultimately romantic – this scheme plays up the fun femininity and charm of a late spring/early summer gathering. Feature nautical elements or city-chic decor.

September Harvest

orange + burgundy + gold

harvest gol.jpg

We’ve elevated your average Autumn color scheme. By opting for brighter tones in warming colors, your venue can come across as bold and luminous instead of overdone and typical. Infuse the decor with nature, but try tree stumps and wildflowers instead of common leaves.

Sunday Brunch

mint + rose gold + slate gray


Does this not scream Spring!? In a season where everything is defrosted and new, show off a crisp array of colors for your big day.

Delicious Avocados

cream + khaki + moss


I’m just naming these based on the vibes I’m getting {okay…and the breakfast I’m eating!} Fresh & muted, this color scheme is fit for a backyard BBQ or an elegant church ceremony. Rustic decorations fit well with nature-like tints.

Country Home

periwinkle + canary + ivory


My absolute favorite {& probably the least popular} 2017 color scheme – so radiant it would work for a variety of venues! The elegant ivory and periwinkle is offset by a bright canary yellow. I’d love to see a yellow to blue ombré cake and a bouquet of hydrangeas!

Which color scheme will you choose for your big day? Comment below!


It’s Poppin: Balloon Decor

If you’re the type of bride to wear a short wedding dress, forgo a traditional cake for a DIY ice-cream sundae bar or you simply want to elevate your reception decor, add balloons to your big day!


Venue Garland


Hot Air Balloon Centerpieces


Gold Foil Table Numbers


Latex + Tassel Archway


Bar / Dessert Table Marker


Balloon Release Ceremony Celebration


Photo Props


Hot Air Balloon Photobooth Station


Outdoor Tent Accents


Flower Girl Petal Alternative

With so many creative options, it’s easy to get inspired with balloon features – update & inflate your wedding day decor with a little latex & a lot of love!


Pineapple of My Eye

festive, fresh & fun

this tropical fruit is setting the scene for warm weather weddings


Very rarely does one decor element dominate all aspects of planning – but with its neutral appearance, versatility & direct correlation to sandy summers, the pineapple pairs perfectly with just about anything! The Kate Spade-esque fruit fits a large variety of summer venues, color schemes & themes; browse these ideas & take notes – you’re gonna want to feature this tropical beauty!

  • table numbers: sassy, simple & eye-catching

  • boutonniere:  no offense, but succulents are so 2015

  • centerpiece: ’cause you’re on island time

  • favors: bottle openers or magnets – IN THE SWEETEST SHAPE

  • cake: cute pineapple cake toppers or literally a gold dipped buttercream cake, your call

  • table settings: include mini colorful pineapples and name tags – jaws will drop

  • invites: step up your nautical theme, ditch the overdone anchors & starfish

  • bridesmaids gifts: hair bands, necklaces, six packs of pineapple ale – the options are endless

  • bridal bouquets: palm leaves, pink pineapple stalks & a mermaid style gown grazing a sunset lit aisle that leads to the beach? Done.


“love is like a pineapple – sweet & undefinable”