The MMW Guide: Preserving Your Wedding Day Details

After the tap runs dry, the DJ plays “closing time” & the day-of coordinator kicks you out – how will you preserve the biggest day of your life?

Aside from saved Snapchat stories and framed photos of the first dance, how will you keep the most special details alive? You’ve heard of cake preservation *dry heaves* and boxing up the dress, but it’s 2017 – there are better (& much cuter) ways! Read on to see how you can save the biggest moments from the best day:

The Cake


“Just kind of weird, you know?”

“Definitely not as good the second time.”

These are the responses I received when I asked my followers on Facebook to to describe their experiences with freezing the top tier of their wedding cake. Traditionally, newlyweds will freeze the top tier to eat on their first anniversary. The problem? Uh – it’s gross one year later! Send Paper Cakes by Mikey a photo of your cake and they’ll recreate it in pretty little ornament form! Hang it from your tree or display it all year round. It’s a sweet little sentiment that you can enjoy (without fake smiling in between spoonfuls!)

The Dress


No offense – but let me put this bluntly: 9/10 instances, your future daughter doesn’t want to wear your gown. She’ll want to pick her own! You don’t need to box it up and keep it for 25 years in hopes that she decides she loves that 2017 mermaid trend. While some brides opt for a “trash the dress” photoshoot, or framing their gown (á la Adrienne Maloof of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – who famously framed her gown that hangs next to her walk in closet) my favorite idea is taking a piece of your gown and having it set in a pendant. You can literally wear your wedding dress all year round! Shop memory jewelry here.

The Bouquet


There’s a ton of things you can do with your bouquet – from pressing the petals to making them an ornament, jewelry or even a candle, the possibilities are endless. My favorite is a super chic keepsake, the petal tray. You can use this gem for serving tea, as a catchall or a ring tray. I love that you can design it how you want – check out the super simple DIY here!

The Cards


You’ll obviously use the gifts you receive forever (so make sure to create a fabulous registry) but what holds the true sentiment aren’t the gifts, but the cards. I know, I know – so cheesy. Nobody knows my love of cards (passed down from my mom) more than my fiancé – who is forced to spend every holiday picking out the most perfect greeting card, usually featuring a bulldog. Cards are handpicked by your loved ones, a sweet message accompanied by their own handwritten greeting and signature…SWOON. Save the cards in a form you can easily revisit – a mini album.

The Cork


Obsessed with this home decor idea. You can always purchase another bottle of that special wedding night spirit, but unless you keep the original bottle, the charm sort of wears off. Display the cork with your framed wedding photos or even on your nightstand, wherever it sits, may it remind you to enjoy every toast as if it were your first.

What are your favorite ways to preserve big day details? Comment below!

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