10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Overhead Florals

What’s the worst centerpiece you’ve ever seen?


An obnoxiously bulky ornate vase vomiting feathers? A weird fish bowl filled with ~violet~ pebbles and two belly up goldfish? Maybe a mixture of both like the monstrosity above?

I’ve seen some uggo’s. But regardless of clashing colors (or weird concepts) the most annoying thing a centerpiece can do is block a guest’s view! Holding convos, maintaining eye contact, snapping pics of the newlyweds and even enjoying dinner can be a pain – so instead of crowding the table, consider my favorite trend:

overhead floral arrangements


There are SO many reasons to love these beauties. They look stunning & effortless – at the same time! If your venue is strict on hanging decor, freshen up the antique chandeliers or wrought iron candle holder with bursts of greenery. Dimension + hiding the ever accumulating dust? Win!

Even if you’re going for a super simple ambiance, a light banner of foliage will add that personal touch you’ve been pining for.


Suspended florals are functionally elegant. You can enjoy sweet scents, a conversation with your date (and the pan-seared strip steak) all at once. No batting weeds out of your line of vision!


You can fill the air with flowers or let a few budding strands dangle; hanging florals are the perfect way to incorporate more of your color pallet into that tricky reception venue.


Centerpieces are often just that – the center of attention. But why showcase recycled wine bottles filled with roses when guests can’t keep their eyes off that dress, or the cake! Elevate, y’all.

Get creative with added accessories: string lights, lace, silk threads, even supporting flower pots!

It may look expensive & complicated, but that’s only cause they’re so spectacular. This is a decor element that can easily be put together using a slab of wood, rope, extra florals and a little love! Make it a DIY project for you and the father of the bride – or a bridesmaids activity (just add wine.)

There’s something extra whimsical about suspending individual flowers upside down – i’m getting Alice in Wonderland/backyard Garden Party vibes!

Remember when we discussed how trendy wreaths were this year? Instead of hanging them vertically, suspend a wreath horizontally and attach hanging roses. Did you just get goosebumps or just me?!

Tulle isn’t the only “in” material for garland and ceiling decor. Mark off certain areas, set up a natural photo booth background or offset a beautiful barn wedding with hanging florals!

meg's modern weddings FLOWER

. . .


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