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Whimsical Signage & Wanderlust Prints by

A Quartzy Life

Remember the wedding I just attended in Chico Springs? Among Tanner & Erika’s elegantly branded wood slab centerpieces, hints of white and orange and playful bouquets of greenery – was this beautifully painted ceremony sign:


Let me remind y’all: this wedding took place in the breathtaking mountains of Montana; so any décor element had a big job: impress guests and peel their eyes away from the view, even for just a moment. Artist Lauren Younis (friend of the bride, sister of bridesmaid Jordan) had no trouble when she created this masterpiece! Read on for our exclusive interview with this inspirational artist:

Lauren, you are one artistic gal! When did you begin painting and at what point did you decide to open A Quartzy Life?

I started painting as a hobby in college. Making art was – and still is, in a different way now – a very therapeutic, opening process for me. I really create out of a love for creating. A Quartzy Life wasn’t really born until much later though; about three years ago, when I started looking at painting as more than just a hobby and something I may be able to make a viable business out of. I started turning my work into cards and art prints, and creating work for people’s weddings and special occasions, and the rest is history!

What products do you offer, what are your specialties?

For weddings, I make whatever people want! Seriously, wedding work is my favorite work to do. It’s always so custom and personal and I love working with people to make something they can look at on their special day and be so in love with. Most recently, I made a logo for a client who wanted meaningful, custom magnets to give as favors to her guests. My most asked-for items are wedding posters, which I custom make based on the bride and groom’s home states (or countries) and their desired message. I’ve also done several custom wedding invitations.

wedding poster 2

wedding poster 3

Those are AMAZING. Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

My inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere. Everyday I am in the habit of noticing life and being enamored by it: little details, things I see in nature, interactions I have with people. As an artist I think you have to look for joy. You have to find it all around you, in the simple things, and you will always have inspiration to create.

 I HAVE to get the deets behind the Marlatt’s gorgeous sign – can you tell me how you came up with the design elements?

Erika and Tanner’s design was based on the wedding posters I traditionally make, which contain the bride’s home state, the groom’s home state, and the state where they met, were married, or will live now that they are one. Erika wanted a larger piece, so I made her sign on wood, which I stained and painted in colors to match her wedding palate. She chose the words, and graciously left the rest of the design up to me. I was living in Colorado when I made the sign, and had no idea how I was going to get it to Montana for the wedding, but with the help of a road trip and a friend in Arizona who met Erika there with it, we managed to get it where it needed to go! I love that her sign literally went the distance and passed through the hands of helpful friends to get where it needed to go.

What is your favorite material to work with?

I love watercolor and acrylic, those are the mediums I most commonly use. They are light and easy to travel with, and as a nomad and someone who loves painting on the go, they are my go-to paints.


Can you offer decor advice to brides who want to go with signage?

I love that Erika and Tanner chose to put their sign at the aisle, to sort of signify a movement forward with one another. The sentiment on the sign so perfectly matched the symbolism of the beginning of their new life together. I’m always able to council brides on where their sign would work best, because once I create it there’s sort of always this revelation of where it would be most impactful and natural on their special day.

Seems like that’s definitely a favorite design! Any others?

E&T’s sign was a favorite, just because of the story behind it and what we had to go through to get it where it needed to be! You can also read here about Aisha and Andy’s wedding, for which I made a design that went on magnets for their wedding guests. Aisha is from the Caribbean and they got married in her home of the Dominican Republic. She has a tattoo of waves on her back, and I incorporated that image with text from a poem she wrote. She also read the poem over imagery of their romance in her wedding video, so guests got to take home a very personal representation of her beautiful words on love. Those are the items I love making: the ones that tell a real, beautiful story.

wedding logo

Now that all my brides are in love with your work – how can they commission you?


“As an artist I think you have to look for joy. You have to find it all around you, in the simple things, and you will always have inspiration to create.”

. . .

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