The New Nude: Mini Naked Cakes

Is it the sweet & spongy silhouette, the bare bones structure that pairs so perfectly with a rustic chic reception theme, or the simple fact that the bride doesn’t care for fondant? Whatever your reasoning for fawning over these baked beauties, prepare yourselves – because

they just got even cuter.


Introducing: the mini

Just as visually appealing with added awe-factor and extra functionality, the mini-naked cake is sure to steal the spotlight at your dessert table. As much as I love a traditional three-tier buttercream cake smeared across the groom’s cheeks after the awkward cutting ceremony, it’s no surprise that couples have been opting for smaller dessert alternatives.

Incredible cupcake displays, fro-yo bars and s’mores stations have circulated around Pinterest, but this is the sweet of 2016. The small size is not only easier for guests to eat and servers to pass out, but it allows for even more creativity! As shown above, personal cake toppers and edible (or confectionary) garnishes can be mixed and matched to your liking. The basic foundation of a naked cake is no-nonsense, so the icing and toppings act as the feature. Imagine black raspberries and fresh succulents or lemon, white chocolate chips & white peonies (YAS!) delicately topping your personal piece of heaven.


Forgoing the outer layer of icing may decrease the cost of your cake(s), although the simple structure does increase the time in which the desserts can dry out! In this adorable case, I think the rewards outweigh the risks.

So – are you utterly obsessed or so over naked cakes? Comment below!

images: jana williams, troy grover, christine donee


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