Trending: Paper Crown Bridesmaids Gowns

a wise woman once said:

“When you’re growing up, you play dress-up; it’s a game, it’s a pastime. And then as you get older, getting ready and looking nice becomes constant stress. I want to make it fun again.”

-Lauren Conrad

fashion queen/style guru extraordinaire


Aside from LC absolutely slaying every element of her own wedding, her impressive fashion background paired with a genuine knack for party planning and DIY style makes her the perfect candidate to execute this year’s most elegant collection of bridesmaids gowns.

The Paper Crown bridesmaids line originally launched in 2014, in the midst of Lauren & co-owner Maura BOTH getting married (seriously – she’s an inspiration to us all.) The new 2016 line features 24 different colors and incredibly elegant silhouettes. “Ethereal” doesn’t even begin to describe the soft shapes, delicate details & modern accents. I’m in awe because this line truly reflects what MMW was founded on: the perfect balance of modernity & tradition!

aliynlatorre photography.jpg

We all know the age-old reputation that comes along with bridesmaids gowns: frumpy, frilly, toilet paper-esque. I often cringe when scrolling through Pinterest, browsing photos of “trendy” bridesmaids gowns – because if you ask me, the only one(s) who should be wearing sequins, neons or baring cleavage on the big day is the groom’s weird great aunt.

Paper Crown bridesmaids features simple shapes, neutral tones, and angelic details that truly flatter a variety of body types. Crushing on the mismatched bridesmaid trend? The wide range of colors and sweet details allows your maids to choose their own LC original while still looking cohesively chic!



Available at Nordstrom and Paper Crown, the line is priced between $225-$325, not bad for a gorgeous gown guaranteed to be worn more than once! The versatility & wearability of LC’s line is an added bonus.

My fav’s:


Off the shoulder & one shoulder pieces are so in, but the chic tea length skirt is what seals the deal on this flirty gown. This is your gals’ go-to option for standing at the altar and leading the cupid shuffle. ($280)


This boho-beauty is begging to be worn down a sandy aisle in Aruba! The layered style is available in 12 different colors and has a waist-accentuating sash option. Pair it with a messy fishtail braid, a white peony bouquet & gold accents – what a fab name, btw. ($325)


Feminine, timeless & totally a classic. Simple yet stunning, this dress will look ah-mazing on all of your girls! Imagine cascading curls, silver headpieces and plum lips set for a beautiful vineyard wedding – brb, dying then updating my Pinterest board. ($298)

View the entire collection here.

Is LC’s latest venture a success? Let me know below!

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