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Finding the best look to complement your gown, enhance your natural beauty and show up in photos is no small task – bridal beauty expert, Billie Jo, dedicates her passion to making the most of your memorable day! Read our interview if you’re sitting on some beauty questions, on the fence about hiring a makeup artist for your wedding or if you’re interested in booking the best artist in the Ohio/Michigan area.

When did you start doing makeup & why did you choose to become a bridal professional?

Billie Jo: I dabbled in selling Mary Kay cosmetics when I was younger, but I had a full time job, a husband and a baby; so my makeup dreams had to go on the back burner. After 12+ years of working for the same company, I was laid off due to the housing market crash. This was a blessing in disguise. I was able to attend beauty school and become a licensed esthetician. I loved all facets of skin car and makeup so this was a perfect fit for me!

What is the most important beauty prep before the trial & actual big day?

Billie Jo: I’d say the most important beauty step for prep is anything skin care. As long as you take care of your skin, your makeup will last longer and look better! Start getting monthly facials 6 months prior to your wedding and your skin will glow.

Do you prefer brides go to into the trial knowing what they want or do you like to work with a blank canvas & create a beautiful look on your own?

Billie Jo: When I first meet with a client, I will ask her to bring inspirational pictures and adjust the look according to her skin tone and facial features. It’s always better for brides to come with a picture or two, because my vision may be different than theirs.

What are some current big trends in wedding makeup?

Billie Jo: Airbrush makeup is still having a big moment and for good reasons! It lasts longer & looks more natural. Strobing {also known as highlighting} is very trendy right now and it can look beautiful if done right!

Are there brands you prefer to use over others?

Billie Jo: There are so many brands on the mark it’s truly unbelievable! I don’t believe there is one brand out there whose products are all the best. Some have better eyeshadows and others have better blushes. I currently love Temptu for airbrush, Face Atelier for foundation and Viseart for eyeshadow. I don’t carry any drugstore products in my kit – not that there’s anything wrong with those products, I just like to use more luxurious and professional products on my clients.

What should brides bring to makeup trials?

Billie Jo: I only need a few inspirational pictures. I ask that they show up with a clean face and then I prep their skin with the appropriate moisturizer and primer.

Any tips for brides interested in using a makeup artist as far as planning goes?

Billie Jo: I would say plan ahead (I only have a handful of Saturday’s available in 2016!) and make sure you set enough money aside in your budget to hire your makeup artist. Brides spend so much money on pictures and don’t have makeup that works with photos or lasts for the entire event. Not all makeup looks good on camera, and I’m trained to know what looks good and what products work. Plus, it’s nice to be pampered on such a special day!

What should the bride look for in a makeup artist?

Billie Jo: First, I would say look at the makeup artists portfolio to see if their style matches what you want. Second, make sure you like him/her. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time with the artist and you want to make sure that person is a good fit! Last, but most important, make sure their kit is clean. Sanitation should really be the number one concern of you and your makeup artist. There are so many diseases that can be spread around from an unsanitary kit.

Can you explain how you break down the price of your services?

Billie Jo: I typically charge per person (not by the hour) and each person takes approximately 30 minutes. I think the misconception is that all I do is makeup and it should be cheaper. My products are the biggest cost of my job. A lot of products are used for each wedding and they’re all high quality products. I’ve gone through proper training and continue to educate myself whenever I can. When I’m not doing weddings, I am researching products and making sure all my brushes are clean and that my kit is sanitized. I have had many brides who were concerned that their bridesmaids couldn’t pay for makeup on top of all the other expenses – and to this, I’ve recommended the bride pay for it and give it as a gift in lieu of jewelry. Of all the brides that have done this, not one bridesmaid has complained about it! They typically love it!

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