Sitting Pretty: Alternative Seating Layouts

Every bride-to-be has imagined that moment.

Grabbing her Father’s arm, taking a deep breath, walking towards the love of her life in a sea of close friends & family.

You may have envisioned a straight & narrow path towards the altar, but your ceremony doesn’t have to be traditional to the tee! Custom layouts are a great way to make a unique statement at your ceremony and give your guests the best view. Check out some alternative layout options below!

Ceremony Circle

ceremony circle

A circle is a fab option for a smaller wedding. Give your guests a 360° view of the gown, the groom & the most memorable moments {from sentimental vows to tearful expressions!} This increases prime photo opportunities and guests feel equally as close to the show – as opposed to being seated of in parallel pews.

An Uneven Path


If you’d like some sense of formation but still want a more aesthetically focused ceremony, try something like these offset benches. I can’t tell you how many ceremonies I’ve attended, in which I’ve sat down first, & my view was still blocked by a really tall guy or a woman with a huge hat on! Alternative layouts like this give more windows to guests, so less head bobbing and minimal frustration!

Spiral Setting


Spiral set ups are gorgeous – just be sure to include a four pillar, 3D archway instead of the standard two! Every guest gets their very own point of view to capture the biggest moment of your life. Have you ever sat through a loved ones wedding day and wondered how the Groom’s fraternity brother’s plus one got a better seat than you did? No ceremony seating woes with this placement!



A semicircle layout is a great way to enhance a small space. If you don’t have a ton of room to work with or you want your ceremony to focus around a certain background or view, choosing a semicircle layout will ensure a close arrangement {without smooshing the guests in!}

Offset & Original


If your venue calls for the traditional pew-layout, angle the seats slightly and allow the rows to branch out. You’d be surprised how much head space & legroom is added for the guests on the end! This is also a cute idea if your aisle decorations are larger or you’d like to draw more focus to candles or floral arrangements.

if you want to spice up your ceremony space, consider the source of seating; slight changes or bold designs can take your venue from average accommodation to fantasy suite!

{images via pinterest}

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