From Miss to Mrs: Your Last Name Change Checklist

One of the biggest changes that comes after the vows? Your last name! Changing your last name isn’t the most exciting part of the process, but it’s one step closer to becoming a Mrs.! Follow my checklist below to ensure you’re prepared {& having fun along the way}


1) Marriage License

First step is to have your official marriage license (or a copy from the Clerk’s office) sent to you – snazzy seal included.

2) Social Security Card

It’s time to apply for a new social security card! Make an account and then mail in your application for a new social security card via the SSA website.

3) License

Next step is changing your driver’s license at the DMV – i know, i know *eye roll* but I suggest stopping at your local Starbucks and having the barista write your new last name on your cup so you can admire it during the duration of waiting in line. Remember – you need to bring the certified marriage license, your old license, AND the new social security card (the most necessary form of identification!)

4) Bank Accounts

Did you agree to a joint bank account? (If so, congratulations! Your hubby must really trust that you won’t spend his life savings at Old Navy – good job!) Stop into your local branch with your new forms of identification – marriage license and driver’s license. Request a new debit card and new checks and to change the name on your account. When your new debit card arrives, promptly order this adorable custom cutting board featuring your new last name.

5) The Easy Stuff

Once steps 1-4 are complete, the rest of the process should be easy as pie. Simply call/email the following associations to begin the name change process:

  • Doctor’s Office

  • Post Office

  • School/Alumni Association

  • Gym

  • Electric Company

  • Credit Card Company

  • Voter’s Registration Office

  • Employer

  • Insurance Companies

  • Passport Office

. . .

Will you be too busy sun tanning on your honey moon to worry about the name change? Go to Miss now Mrs. to easily change your last name for $29.95 – & lastly: congrats, newlywed!

{Photos by: Nicole Clarey Photography, Sierra Solis Photography}

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