Flowers Don’t Compete, They Just Bloom

I do it every single day – I might be scrolling through Instagram or walking around the mall when all the sudden a fellow fab female catches my attention. “UGH I wish my hair was that long,” or “why can’t I have that body?!” echoes in my mind. It’s such a common, feeling that everyone deals with, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

The comparison monster really came to life in the last year. I’ve loved every moment of being a football girlfriend. The friends I’ve made along the way, the constant energy and excitement that surges through every weekend of the fall, and best of all: getting to witness your other half doing what they love best – it’s all incredible. There are a few less than ideal parts that come along with it. Distance, accepting that you come second to a sport (just kidding babe!) and the attention, not my favs.

When G transferred to the University of Alabama, it shoved us right into the spotlight. It was different & I was a little surprised to realize that there are some people who really don’t care if a dude has a girlfriend, they’ll throw themselves at them anyways. There are people who sit behind their computer screens & make weird comments about your weight and your facial features and your lack of a booty – seriously. (BTW I DO MY SQUATS Y’ALL) And let’s get this straight: my sweet mother taught me never to let dumb things like that get to me, but it was surprising to say the least.

I feel like this transition threw my self confidence into an awkward place. G’s teammates’ girlfriends and fiances are beyond stunning. They date famous models and professional surfers, sometimes even both {seriously, my sweet friend Maddie Peterson does it all! } It sounds so silly but I felt kind of like a mashed potato in comparison, I questioned why my boyfriend chose me when he deserved to date a super popular southern belle sorority sister or an edgy Instagram model.

but then – I remembered I’m Meg frickin’ Kraft & I slay hard as hell.

I think it will always be a roller coaster, especially in this day & age when women are constantly being held to ridiculous beauty standards. There will be days you feel like a diva & days you feel like a dumpster, but It’s so important to not only remember but exude your own self worth, every single day! Avoid the mashed potato rut. I know it’s beyond cliche, but nobody can be you. Forgetting how awesome you are only slows your progress and drains your happiness. The things you pick apart about yourself are the things that your loved ones adore. In this new and exciting part of life {the good old 20’s} everyone is figuring out their paths at their own rate. Your friends will get jobs and promotions and get engaged and get pregnant and you might be celebrating finishing season 7 of Shameless, and that’s okay.

In the past couple years, I’ve finally grasped an understanding for the fact that someone else’s success is not my failure. We can celebrate others’ beauty and accomplishments without demeaning our own.

Stay focused on your own goals and cultivate gratitude over comparison. I hope this doesn’t come off as anything other than a reminder to my girlfriends and readers: your beauty is unique, so so different & not worthy of comparison.



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