Honoring Your Late Loved Ones

“The ones we love don’t go away, they walk behind us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed & very dear.”

Many brides can attest to the painful realization that at least one of their loved ones will not be able to attend the wedding. On your big day, you can focus on the happiness surrounding you and your husband-to-be and honor your late loved ones – who will without a doubt help celebrate in spirit. Read on to find sentimental inspiration for honoring your angels:


Dress Details

Have your alterations specialist stitch a piece of your loved one’s clothing on the inside of your gown. This will ensure that you have them with you every step down the aisle. Bonus: your “something borrowed” is extra special.


Reserved & Remembered

Seat a framed photo of your loved one with a bouquet of their favorite flowers front and center at your ceremony – their presence will be felt and honored respectively.


In Memory & Celebration

Similar to the framed photo, you can reserve a front row seat with a sign and a special object that meant a lot to the person.


A Sentimental Accessory

The groom can pay homage to a late loved one by framing their photo and attaching it to his boutonniere. What could be more special than having them close to his heart?


Charming Memories

The bride can also bring her late loved ones to the ceremony by securing her bouquet with black and white framed photo charms. Many brides have used this idea to walk with their dads down the aisle.


A Balloon Release

Following the ceremony, after the reception or during a scheduled moment of your wedding day, release balloons (or butterflies) as a special expression of love and gratitude towards your guests in heaven.


A Sweet Shrine

Dedicate a special area or table to your loved ones by placing framed photos, flowers and candles. If your late loved ones played a large role in your life, your immediate family will definitely appreciate the gesture and enjoy taking a moment to remember their family or friends.


A Lantern Lighting

A burning candle or lantern can be lit in memory of your loved one – it’s an endearing symbol of their presence and love living on and attending your big day.


Dedicated Donations

I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it again – many guests would appreciate a donation to the charity of your choice over a refrigerator magnet or another customized koozie. You can donate the money you would’ve used for favors to a charity that represents your loved ones or helped them through a difficult time.


A Commemorative Toast

My favorite! Some couples have asked that guests take a shot, share a cigar or enjoy a special dessert in honor of their late loved ones. This is a such a sweet way to highlight an element of your loved one’s personality and their favorite things. It also allows all your guests to participate, even if they didn’t know your loved one, they can still take part in a respective moment of remembrance.

Forever with you, always in your heart. Honor them by celebrating their life and your love.

. . . 

{Photography: Sawyer Baird Photography}
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