Fun & Fab Place Card Ideas

know your place

Place cards are essential to your reception for two reasons: they let guests know where they’ll be seated for the duration of your wedding & they set the scene for a very cute, personalized Instagram pic! The wedding industry has made millions off the simple fact that guests appreciate details. Customization and personalization has become the new norm for invitations, favors and everything in between! As much as we love a good little index card with each guest’s name scrawled out in classic calligraphy, it’s become (no offense) an expected snooze fest. Planning on wowing your friends and fam when they take their seats? Browse these trendy place card ideas:


Laser Cut

Love love love love the idea of laser cut names! The material is wood, which can be dyed to match your personal color palette, and this is definitely something that guests can take with them to decorate their homes or office with! It’s sweet, simple and elegant.


Sea Glass

Sea glass stones bask in their beautiful natural color and act as the perfect flat surface for a calligrapher to print your guests’ name. If you’re having a beach wedding, this is a no brainer! You and your fiancé can spend a morning collecting the sea glass and by providing the materials, you’re saving some serious $$$!


Paper Pop Ups

This is the perfect opportunity to include your pup (or your college mascot/favorite animal/etc.) into your wedding details! JonNi Paper Goods creates these adorable pop up place cards in a variety of shapes and colors so you can truly make them special. I’m obsessed with these cream french bulldogs!


Potted Cacti

These fab succulent and cacti plants are minimalistic, chic and double as place cards and favors! They’re a great choice for a nature loving couple and how sweet is the symbolism behind gifting your guests a plant to let love grow?



Wood, watercolors, laser cut shapes – are you seeing a pattern here? These presh little pineapples are so cute! Adorn them with metallic calligraphy and your bold wedding colors.



Geodes took 2016 by storm – and in 2017 they’re still increasing the good vibes & impressing your guests! With such an array of colors, each guest can walk away with a personal geode picked especially for them. They’re known for dissolving bad energy and attracting good energy, so adding them to your big day means less in-law arguments and more money towards your honeymoon fund (maybe.)


Cake Pops

Listen y’all – weddings are exhausting, for guests and couples alike. A quick bite before the dinner and following the last dance are always appreciated! Your crew will definitely enjoy a cake pop or macaroon assisting them in finding their table.


Floral Details

A fun and trendy aesthetic? 3D Florals! So in for spring and sure to give your place settings the eye-catching “pop” it so desperately needs!

. . .

Escort cards don’t have to be expensive, intimidating or plain! Make them unique and make them your own by adding dimension, color & your personal touch!


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