The 7 Best Places to Register for 2018 Weddings

AH, Registering.

A light towards the end of the wedding planning chaos tunnel!

You should sit down with bae and a glass of wine at least 7 months before the big day and begin your wedding registry. This is a fab, easy little item to check off the to-do list – especially in the final 6 months, when it’s crunch time and everyone’s just a bit stressed.

First, put those Kate Spade “Mrs.” stud earrings in the back of your mind – you need to focus on your NEEDS before your WANTS. If you and your fiancé already live together, determine which items you already have/don’t need to register for and the items that you want to upgrade (you may have purchased some Big Lots pots and pans in college, so this is a great opportunity to ditch the lower quality junk & register for some Rachel Ray!)

If you need some registry idea inspo, check out this article by The Knot that lists essential products in a variety of price ranges. Once you have an outline of your needs, you can pick where you’re going to “shop!” See my favorite registries below:



AMAZON RULES. But you didn’t need me to tell ya that – Amazon is a great place to register because it’s so 2017. Why limit yourself to one retailer if you only want 3 really specific items from that shop? Amazon lets you build a custom registry that covers literally everything. Need a Keurig to wake up your new hubby? Done. Need a plastic bone shaped dog pool? No problem. Everything you could possibly need – all in one place!


Zola Logo


Okay – so what if you already have everything you could possibly need? Let me introduce Zola, y’all. This is such a perfect registry option for us *millennials* – you can register for traditional gifts (like waffle makers & comforters) services (like photography sessions and wine/skincare subscriptions) even cash funds (for traveling, dates and activities!) I’ve received mixed reviews on how guests react to the idea of donating cash to a football game or beer tasting, but wouldn’t you rather gift the couple something they love, instead of those crystal champagne flutes that will never see the light of day?




Sounds kind of odd, right? Best Buy isn’t the first retailer that comes to mind when you think “registry,” but it’s actually perfect for couples who are interested in those big ticket items! BB allows group gifting – so guests can pitch in for that new DSLR camera you’ve always dreamed of or a new laptop for you and your beau!


West Elm is THE place to decorate your first home! They have the cutest array of decor & accessories, they even offer a Home Stylist service so a professional can help you choose the perfect ~look~ for your guest bathroom.


I just wanna hug whoever created Honeyfund. It’s the coolest idea ev. With Honeyfund, your guests can help you achieve that incredible international honeymoon you’ve always wanted! Choose your destination then start planning your activities and accommodations – your guests will do the rest!



Bed Bath & Beyond is a no brainer! They have such a huge assortment of products and an even greater variety of brands! You can choose exactly what you’re looking for. My favorite part of BB&B is the selection of customized products! You just got that new last name girl – show it off!



NewlyWish is another great site with endless opportunities. NW mixes your generic registry products (like shower curtains & flatware) with activities and an assortment of monthly services and experiences. NewlyWish stands apart from the competition because stylists are constantly updating and curating new content and only the best for brides and grooms. They even allow you to register for a trip to beautiful Cleveland, Ohio! AYYYYEEEE.

. . .


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