The BEST “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Box Ideas



It’s no secret that accepting the bridesmaid invite is a huge commitment. Tons of time, money and effort go into assisting the bride with the wedding of her dreams! During the year (or so) of pre-wedding planning, your besties will sacrifice a lot to make you feel like a queen – so as the bride, it’s a super sweet sentiment to ask your bridesmaids for their service with a trendy bridesmaid proposal box!

Inside these personalized little boxes, you can include a variety of bits & baubles. Treats, accessories, makeup, photos – the possibilities are endless! We’ll cover a bunch of presh things to include in yours, but let me start it off with my list of overdone bridesmaid box trinkets that are more tacky than trendy:

1. Ring Pops

I’m cringing. The whole “he popped the question, now it’s my turn” thing is LAME. It was funny in like ’08 – but we’ve all scrolled past that Pin on Pinterest.

2. Candy Bars

I love sweets, and custom macarons with metallic calligraphy? Those are MMW approved. But gas station air heads & a random Snickers bar? Kind of throws off the ethereal/sentimental vibe.

3. Confetti Poppers

Asking your ‘maids to be in the wedding party is a celebration, but I’m telling you – your gals don’t wanna end the moment by going to grab the broom & dustpan.

Now that you know what not to include, let’s go from the top!

A Custom Card


Even if you’ve texted your besties about the wedding deets from the moment your fiancé dropped to one knee, I still think it’s important to ask. You can’t always assume that someone else can financially afford to be a part of the wedding part. For potential ‘maids that are just graduating college, starting a new job, in the process of a cross-country move or pregnant, it’s not always possible to take on the tasks of planning showers and dropping big bucks on a designer dress. Asking with a card gives you the opportunity to speak on your friendship and thank them for the support they’ve already shown.

Something to Sip On


I love when brides include a beverage; whether it’s their ‘maids favorite wine, a mini bottle of champagne, a Starbucks Frappacino or a Jones soda bottle – give your girls something to toss back! My soon-to-be sister in law asked my sister & I to be bridesmaids last Christmas with an adorable custom mug, hot chocolate mix & a mini bottle of peppermint Baileys! Play on the season, your wedding color palette or simply include their go-to drink – don’t forget to dress it up with a custom label.

Toasting Tools


Paired with their mini beverage, I’m obsessing over these personalized champagne flutes! You could do mugs, tumblers, YETI cups – whatever your ‘maids hearts desire! Etsy has so many options and this is something your friends will actually use for years to come, always thinking back on the special moment (compared to something like, I don’t know, a DUMB RING POP.)

Ask with Accessories


Jewelry is always a good idea. Especially when you include the jewelry that you want your bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day. If you’re not ready to commit to the official accessories (or you want to let the girls pick out their own) then add some everyday casual initial earrings or a necklace. LOVE these!

Just Makes Scents


There’s always room for a little aroma therapy! You can get bridesmaid centric candles here, or if you’re like me (with my besties all across the country) add a home state scent! This company allows you to choose the scent of the candle so you can personalize it even further with your BFF’s favorite smell.

Presh Little Pouch


Even if you plan on getting a professional make up artist for the wedding, the pre-wedding events include a lot of primping! Gift them a sweet little makeup bag that’s sure to make multiple appearances and travel along with y’all for the bachelorette bash.

A Trendy Trinket Tray


I had personally never owned one of these until my soon-to-be sister in law gifted me a gorgeous white & gold pineapple ring holder. It started off holding my earrings (and while I’m not a huge jewelry wearer) was the perfect place to store my hair ties and bobby pins – for once in my life I could keep track of them! Months later, it was the trusted spot for my engagement ring at night and during workouts. These are a fab little treasure to include and there are SO many design options!

A Favorite Memory

Always include your favorite photo! This is the piece that brings on the waterworks. Whether it’s a goofy candid from college, a polaroid from your adolescent years or a recent snap of you two just being you, add it as a reminder that no matter how stressful planning gets, her friendship is the greatest gift you could ask for!

. . .

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received as a bridesmaid? Comment below!



8 thoughts on “The BEST “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Box Ideas

  1. Paige says:

    I love these! The trinket trays are a great idea. A great friend of mine who is getting married sent each of us a flannel shirt to wear on her wedding day (she’s getting married in December) with a heartfelt card – it was totally her and a little unique! I loved it.


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