Your Go-To Boutique For Pre-Wedding Parties: Vestique

Life isn’t perfect.

but your outfit can be.

That’s what they always say, right? I think the same goes for every little gathering leading up to the big day too! Remember in my last post, I gave y’all the deets on all the little issues and minor meltdowns that took place before our engagement photoshoot? The one thing that kept me somewhat sane was knowing I had a fabulous dress to slay in – all thanks to my favorite boutique, Vestique!

Online boutiques have boomed over the past 5 years, but let’s be real: they can be a little sketchy. Prices are much higher than what I’m comfortable spending and more often than not, the quality disappoints. In this day & age, it seems like everyoneee owns a boutique, works for one or prefers one over the others, but with so many choices it’s hard to keep track of which stores are legit. Vestique is owned and operated by two corporate women turned fashion gurus, with real brick & mortar stores located throughout the Carolinas.

I stumbled upon Vestique about a year ago after a blogger bestie of mine wore this amazing denim dress to our brunch date (and I trusted her suggestion since she’s a true clothing connoisseur!)  After I got engaged, I knew we weren’t going to be having a shower or bachelorette bash any time soon, but I always kept my eyes peeled for cute white dresses or rompers – because those post-engagement party ensembles are almost as important as the big day dress! I was never wow’d by anything in stores and as time went on, I started to feel the pressure to find something to wear for our engagement shoot. I didn’t want to spend a fortune but I wanted something special, ya know – have my cake & eat it, too. I was browsing through the ‘gram when it hit me – VESTIQUE! They have such an incredible variety of sweet/southern/chic/preppy styles for any bride. I went online and immediately fell in love with this beaut:

My Fair lacy maxi dress

I was in LOVE. The dress was a gorgeous, lightweight dream – easy to move in, so detailed and incredibly photogenic. A comfortable romper sits underneath a stunning lace skirt offset by a deep V-neck and scalloped sleeves. I fully believe it helped me feel more comfortable in front of the camera, because when you’re wearing such a romantic dress how can you not smile, laugh & twirl around (quite a few twirls were made!)

As we transition into fall, Vestique has updated their collection to feature the most on-trend assortment of pre-wedding party ensembles. See my top picks below!

Engagement photoshoot

{L to R: Hey Soul Sister Dress, Country Club Dress, Bonjour Beautiful Dress}

Go for something you can move in! These dresses are so flattering with delicate details and flattering silhouettes that will make your photos extra sweet.

Engagement PARTY

{L to R: Hey Baby Doll Dress, Mod For You Dress, Shoot for the Stars Maxi}

I’m not one of those gals who thinks you have to wear white to every event. I love white, but there are so many options out there – don’t limit yourself! These are all chic enough for a rooftop soiree and on-trend with Autumn, so they can be worn to a celebratory dinner at your local vineyard.


{L to R: Velvet Nora Dress, Nolitan Maxi, Marion Square Maxi}

The last fling before the ring – you gotta SLAY. Whether you’re hitting Nashville with your girls or spending a weekend exploring Chi-town, this boutique has the perfect array of velvet minidresses and high fashion maxi dresses!


{L to R: Dreamsicle Dress, Margaritaville Maxi, Busting Moves in Maldives Maxi}

These are show stoppers! Choose a light, feminine dress like the Dreamsicle or go bold & beautiful with a detailed maxi. These are so easy to thrown on with a pair of earrings, your favorite heels and attend your event – no hassle, just looking good & feeling fab.

No matter the occasion, vestique has a dress for every bride! Find your new favorite outfit without digging into the wedding fund – shop vestique here!

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