An Update: Loving Life in KCMO





Hello brides! I apologize for disclosing my deepest emotions/our roller coaster ride of a summer and then ghosting y’all for a month – it’s been a big adjustment, but we’re settled in and we’ve officially lived in Kansas City for THREE MONTHS! I still wake up every day and 1) blink twenty times to make sure this isn’t all a dream and then 2) say my prayers and thank god that this opportunity worked out and is still ours. It has been everything we hoped, dreamed and prayed for. Here are a few highlights of the past couple months:



We love the Chiefs. We love the team, we love the guys, we love their wives. I honestly can’t imagine a better fit for Gehrig. The Chiefs have gone 6 & 3 and while they’ve had a few off days, the majority of the games were true reflections of the team’s chemistry. G has not been activated yet, but continues to work hard on the practice squad & participate in the events that allow him to give back, he loves working with special needs kids and for that I love him even more.


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These are our besties! I have made the sweetest friends, which is something I wasn’t exactly expecting (have y’all seen the show WAGS or Real Housewives!?) I was so nervous to put myself out there to these established women, but from day one, the Smiths, Brays and Mahomes welcomed us with open arms. The highlight of our week is going to dinner with them and getting to connect with such a fun loving group of friends. This was us at 3rd Street Asylum Haunted House. I did not poop my pants but was very close.



I was set on getting a job here, but I feel like I won the lottery with my position at HERLIFE Magazine! As an account executive and writer, I sell advertisements and write shell articles featured in Kansas City, New York & California! My boss and our small sales team are #GIRLBOSS goals – I couldn’t have found a better publication to work for! I’ve been busy writing a few articles for the February 2018 Bridal issue and can’t wait to share them with you.



The boys hate it here (as you can see.) Goose & Lou absolutely love their new digs, dog park and the assortment of dog bakeries littered throughout our city. They’re so happy to wake up to their dad every day and have found many friends within our apartment complex!



Mark your calendars y’all – we’re officially 539 days out! Still feels like a lifetime, but I’ll be scouting and securing our wedding venue when I’m home in Cleveland for Christmas. And my perfect Hayley Paige wedding gown is IN! After we find our venue, our next steps will be reserving our photographer and catering then picking our bridal party. EEEK. #DietersSayIDo is chugging along here!

We’re so happy to be here and I can’t wait to continue sharing wedding inspo with you as you take on the biggest commitment of your life!

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