Perfecting A Fresh Bridal Look with Neutrogena®

Dear Neutrogena

Thanks fam. Thanks for being there for me – at age 13 when I was desperately trying to wash away every pimple that graced my face just in time for the homecoming dance, at 17 when I finally found my perfect foundation match (that turned out to be Nude and not  my preferred shade of Laguna Beach Orange) & at 21, as you washed away clumped mascara, smudged eyeliner and brightened my face before class in the mornings after a crazy college night out.

Now, at 25, you’re still there.

Just in time for wedding planning! I jumped at the chance to work with Neutrogena by recreating red carpet looks and showing off their incredible line of Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. Disclaimer: I’m no makeup artist. I’m NOT a selfie queen. I spend 75% of my life in a messy bun and no makeup. However, I am a bride-to-be in search of the perfect bridal look leading up to my big day, so I was so excited to receive such a great haul of makeup products – check it out:



An overview of Neutrogena Brand Ambassador’s looks at the red carpet was included for inspiration – so I gravitated towards Eiza González’s youthful glow by makeup artist Amy Oresman. I began by testing all the products which were delightfully light and comfortable – my favorite was quickly deemed the Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. Goose even found his perfect shade!


I, as many brides-to-be, will be hiring a makeup artist on my wedding day so I can eat Dunkin Donuts and sip mimosas (an attempt at relaxing) while my armpits and face sweat in unison leading up to the big vow exchange. As a bride ballin’ on a budget, I’m opting out of hiring a makeup artist for my bridal shower, bachelorette and all the pre-wedding parties in-between, so it was important for me to find a quick and easy look that even I could recreate. Neutrogena to the rescue (as always!)

As mentioned, I’m not a pro at contouring or creating a sexy smokey eye – so bear with me and my average makeup skills.



Don’t let this pic fool you, I usually wake up pretty crabby. But obviously oily + makeup free. I’m pretty lucky when it comes to blemishes but I’m not stranger to discoloration under my eyes and around my nose. Also – ignore the ‘brows, they don’t get better and at this point I’ve just given up.



That’s [slightly] more comfortable! To begin, I used the Healthy Skin Primer that smelled like a beach (shout out SPF 15!) and felt like a liquid cloud. It definitely helped minimize my pores, which was an essential first step before applying liquid makeup. I swiped the Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer across my t-zone to neutralize red spots and dabbed my under-eyes with the Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector. Next came the Liquid Makeup – an antioxidant blend of Vitamin E & natural soy to help calm, enhance complexion and give my skin an even glow. To be honest, foundation really freaks me out and I avoid it at all costs because I feel like it never really looks natural – well, that was before I found the unicorn of liquid makeup!

I highlighted my cheeks with Healthy Skin blush & natural radiance bronzer which made me look like I just returned from a Caribbean honey moon (*swoons*) I attempted a smokey bronze eye and while It’s a little tough with small hooded-eyes, the compact and brush made it easy to blend for a natural look! I used Healthy Volume mascara and LOVED the fact that it fanned out my lashes without weighing them down. I didn’t even have to reapply 11 coats to look like a girl so bonus points for that! I finished off with the Moisture Smooth Color Stick that gave my lips a lightweight preppy pop of color. It didn’t feather, dry or move out of place – which is exactly what I’m looking for (’cause ya’ girl ain’t taking breaks between opening shower gifts and eating snacks to reapply lip gloss, you feel?) I was so impressed with each piece of the Healthy Skin line and can’t wait to use it for all the pre-wedding festivities!

Get your Neutrogena Healthy Skin here and use discount code “HEALTHYSKIN25” for 25% off your purchase



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