Primp My Guy: Skincare For Grooms

moisturizers. cleansers. serums. hydrating masks.

These are some words your groom might not be overly familiar with, but they’re all important to help him look and feel his best on the big day! In my fiancé’s world, fine lines and razor irritation take the back seat to coordinating ties, a clean pair of shoes & a fresh haircut. As you brides begin prepping your skincare routine 6 months before the wedding, make sure to politely remind (force) your beau to give his skin a little extra TLC. Instead of dragging him around Ulta or attempting to dab benzoyl peroxide on his chin in the middle of the night, simply grab him the greatest groom’s box available:

Le Subtile Luxe

LeSubtile.pngThink the ultimate male Birchbox; Brobox, if you will.

Le Subtile Luxe is a company dedicated to dude’s grooming needs! The products are all natural (so no irritating ingredients) and the goal is to leave men’s skin fresh, smooth and clear. We were SO excited to work with Le Subtile Luxe and as soon as the box arrived, we ripped it open to find an array of products for my fiancé to test out.


Included: Lifting Syringe Instante Eye Lift, After Shave Moisturizer, Facial Cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, Premium Handmade Soap

The products smelled like what I would imagine Drake himself smells like; sandalwood and success. I really wanted to steal the lifting eye serum for myself because this company finally figured out how to package this stuff! It’s easy to apply and quick, so your man can swipe it on as quickly as he finger-combs his hair in the morning! The corrective serum is perfect for rejuvenating dead skin cells and filling in fine lines around the eyes (ideal for dudes who aren’t keen on applying sunscreen!) The after shave balm features one key detail that separates it from the competition: NON-OILY! The soap is created with sensitive skin in mind and smells like a thousand bucks. G’s absolute favorite product is:


The Facial Cleanser

“Smooth, light. Leaves a clean scent and good feel.” That’s about as detailed description as I’m gonna get – so there you have it. Athletes are especially prone to clogged pores, oily spots, dry skin and discoloration, so we love that this cleanser speeds up natural skin regeneration with Vitamin E and cleans out excess oil!

Le Subtile Luxe products make it so easy to ensure your groom’s skin is up to par come the big day, and it’s all available in one box! Use coupon code “BLOG20” and get 20% off when you order.

Finally – a men’s skincare line as smooth as your man.




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