Eating for the Aisle: Avoiding Bloating & Inflammation

You don’t spend months planning, searching for a perfect gown, choosing stunning accessories and the most glamorous hairstyle to feel “meh” on your wedding day. You want to look & feel the best, simply because it’s the best day of your life! I’m not pushing a get-slim-quick pill, protein shake or workout routine, but implementing exercise at least 5-6 months in advance will make you a stronger, healthier & happier bride. On the days leading up to your nuptials, eating right will ensure that you look & feel fabulous! Decrease the risks of bloating and inflammation with my tips below.


We’ve all been there – cradling our puffy stomachs, groaning over distended organs, forgoing an adorable crop top-high waist denim combo to hide your aching abdomen. Did ya’ll know bloating can result from hormonal imbalance, an allergic reaction to food, thyroid issues and stress? The only extra weight you wanna be carrying around on your big day is the buffet-born food baby! Enjoy the following to avoid water retention, gas & constipation:


Drink water 15 minutes before (not during) your meal to alert kidneys without diluting digestive enzymes! Adding fruit can boost your metabolism and satisfy cravings for sweets. It will help you feel fuller and more energized.


Sprinkled on a salad or a steamed in your tea, this fights bloat by settling your intestines and allowing gas to pass through quickly instead of building up. Drink a cup of peppermint tea while you’re getting your hair done for fresh breath and a happy tummy!


Natural probiotic yogurt flushes out bad bacteria, the one responsible for undigested starch (stinky toots) and bloating. Enjoy a natural build-your-own yogurt bar with your bridesmaids the morning of your big day. The addition of granola & fruit will keep you full and focused!


Tropical fruits have enzymes that break down food faster – go ahead and order that Pina Colada! Beans, broccoli and brussels sprouts are full of fiber which rids your digestive track of unnecessary gas and bloat.



Inflammation, or gastritis, is another digestive issue caused by stress, bacteria, and even taking too much aspirin! Wedding planning is a fabulous yet stressful journey. It can affect how much you sleep and what you’re eating – two factors that can impact your immune system. Avoid eating the following:


Sorry to ruin your Tuesday. White bread & pasta are simple carbs which quickly turn into sugar. Sugar may satisfy your sweet tooth, but it ultimately irritates our bodies.


I grew up drinking a glass of milk every night during dinner – but as time went on, I began to realize how gross I felt after eating dairy. Studies show that milk is actually the world’s most self-diagnosed food allergy! Check this article out and opt for a glass of coconut milk or an almond milk based smoothie.


I’ve never witnessed cheeseburgers being served during a reception, but I can’t deny grabbing a McDonald’s big mac post-bachelorette party. The most unappealing reason you should avoid a #3 extra pickles: animal fat has been directly linked to inflammation in multiple studies.


You may be trying to eat better by opting for Splenda instead of sugar, but calories could be the least of your worries. These synthetic sweeteners decrease good gut bacteria and can lead to type 2 diabetes.

when you feel good, you look good. enjoy yourself on your wedding; begin eating right & preparing for the biggest day of your life – no groans, gas or bad guts about it.


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