Ecological Elegance: Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Big Day

“Leave this World a little better than you found it.”

-Robert Baden Powell

One of the first decisions you’ll make for your wedding is the venue. For nature loving brides, the outdoors provides a stunning array of natural decor, perfect reception lighting & a whole lot of room for dancing. Outdoor weddings are my absolute fav. There’s something about nature hosting an eternal love ceremony that just exudes peace (cue the sounds of wind chimes & wind rustling leaves – maybe a dove call for added effect) Whether you plan to use an outdoor venue, or you simply want to aid in restoring Mother Earth – here are a few tips for hosting an eco-friendly/equally fabulous wedding:


You are gonna love this – see these ultra adorable invitations? They’re eco-friendly and incredibly cute..OH & BY THE WAY THEY ARE PRINTED ON SEED PAPER! When guests get the deets about your big day, they can plant this invitation under a little bit of soil. With water & love, the invite will turn into the beautiful wildflowers pictured above. Win for you, win for your guests, win for their gardens. Check out Botanical Paperworks huge assortment of eco-friendly stationery here!



I know ya’ll just read my post on favor alternatives – skip the bubbles, cellophane wrapped Jordan almonds and plastic throwaways; gift guests succulent plants, customized mason jars or sweet edibles! You can always forgo gifting favors and let guests know that you donated the money to foundations that you’re passionate about (a shelter dog would appreciate a meal much more than a guest would appreciate a refrigerator magnet!)


By opting for a buffet style dinner, you can use eco-friendly Bamboo utensils. By incorporating a rustic-chic theme, bamboo and recycled elements will blend right in. Enlist a local baker to supply your cake or dessert alternative. Your guests will be so inspired by the natural features, they won’t even realize they’re minimizing their carbon footprint!



Are you sitting down? Because what I’m about to tell you may come as a shock. I know we all assume cut flowers are a great natural addition to any wedding, but they’re actually really quite harmful (due to methane & toxic pesticides used to make floral arrangements last) read more here. Live plants can supplement your flowers – but if you’re outdoors, just let the landscape do it’s thang. For added decor, use repurposed wood, all natural linens & soy candles.


An eco-friendly ensemble doesn’t necessarily mean hemp frocks & nude groomsmen (unless you’re into that..) Amy Kuschel is a San-Fran based designer who focuses on creating gorgeous gowns and reducing waste. See her versatile collection here. Two Guys Bow Ties are these fashion-forward, cute & comical accessories made from reclaimed wood! They offer a wedding package, a build-your-own-bow-tie option & they are the epitome of rustic chic.


When all is said & done, a traditional custom includes the guests sending off the bride and groom (usually with sparklers, rice or confetti.) Instead of those, fill recyclable paper cones with flower petals, leaves or water soluble confetti! The pictures will be equally as stunning without posing any threat to the environment!

Give back to nature. Celebrate your love & the earth by implementing easy, eco-friendly tips into your big day!


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