10 Under $30: Cost-Efficient Wedding Gift Options

I’ve always loved attending weddings, and after the initial excitement of wondering what the bride’s gown would look like and if the cake would be any good, my mind immediately wandered to the gift registry. As a student who worked part time for minimum wage at a tanning salon, purchasing a wedding gift was a little more stressful than need be. Of course the couple’s registry helped, but I couldn’t help feel a tad cheap gifting a $25 wire Keurig K-Cup Carousel wrapped in flashy white wrapping paper (that cost half as much!) Even if money is the least of your worries, sometimes you get invited to weddings in which you just can’t justify spending a lot on a couple you don’t know very well. I’ve gathered up the top 10 fabulous gift options for guests, all under $30 – not only are they affordable, very personalized and adorable, but so much better than a set of neutral bath towels or a mini milk frother!



$20 – Etsy

I have a slight obsession with cutting boards, but wouldn’t it be sweet for the couple to look back on their big day every time they prep dinner? Guaranteed to make for some romantic meals!

2. Honeymoon Luggage Tags


$26 – Kate Spade

How charming are these babies!? Kate Spade quality with a college budget price, you just can’t beat a small yet sentimental gift like these luggage tags. The newlyweds are guaranteed to use these just hours after the reception as they board for San Francisco or Santorini.

3. Champagne Flutes & Spirits

champagne.jpg  &  champagnee

$23 – World Market

In my opinion, gorg little unique champagne flutes like these beat super expensive glassware any day. World Market is known for their incredible array of wine, beer & spirits –  have fun picking out a pair of glasses and a special bottle. They’ll drink to that!

4. Personalized Golf Balls


$19 – Etsy

Attending a country club wedding? Then this gift set of 6 is a hole in one. Customized with the couple’s name and wedding date, they can display them as keepsakes or use them for a quick 9 during their honeymoon!

5. Latitude & Longitude Bangles


$19 – Etsy

If you’re close with the couple, gift them this romantic set of bangles personalized with a special location. You can customize the location to be the exact venue of their wedding, the honeymoon destination or the college campus where they met! Two individual, nostalgic gifts for under $20?! YAS!

6. Cozy & Comfy Throw Pillow


$30 – Etsy

Adorned on the sofa or displayed in the bedroom, this gift wins for functionality and utter cuteness. Bonus points for the simplistic design that will go with any decor colors or theme.

7. Personalized Dog Tea Towels


$12 – West Elm

Did I throw this in here selfishly hoping that my loved ones would read this and BE SURE to gift me customized Goose the French Bulldog tea towels on my wedding day? Maybe. But regardless, these are absolutely perfect for any couple who swoon over their fur baby. $12 gets you free customization of a dog print & the name. It also makes you the best wedding guest of the entire celebration!

8. His & Hers Mugs


$25 – Etsy

These are so much funnier than the basic “Mr. & Mrs.” mugs that someone else probably gifted them. Make the couple smile even bigger by adding their favorite individual roasts, coffee beans or loose leaf tea.

9. Ring Holders


Yeah, it’s rare – but believe it or not, at some point the newlyweds will take their rings off (for cleaning, swimming or the rec. league softball championship game.) These presh little ring holders are perfect for temporarily holding their most prized possession!

10. Towel Hooks

towel hooks

$27 – Etsy

A unique gift that is both useful & CRUCIAL for any couple that will share a bathroom! Save the newlyweds a couple fights over damp towels and where they wiped what – budget friendly and distinct enough that they definitely won’t receive this gift from anyone else.

Great wedding gifts don’t have to be expensive china dinnerware sets, elaborate cooking tools or crystal champagne flutes.

With a little customization and a lot of thought, your gift will be something the couple will remember (& your checkbook can forget.)

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