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Sierra Wallis is a whimsy-obsessed Mom on a mission. With an incredibly focused eye for detail, she created a company set on elevating and producing sprightly & spirited accessories. Boho Halo Company is responsible for accessorizing brides, bridesmaids & flower girls with awe-inspiring, rustic-chic, intricately crafted flower crowns. Read on as Sierra explains the importance of wedding day accessories & why every bride deserves a crown:

 it’s obvious that creating flower crowns was your calling, but how did you get started?

S: I fell into the flower crown business by accident. I was toying with the idea of starting an Etsy shop when I took my daughters school shopping a few years ago. My oldest daughter, Sophia, wanted to buy a flower crown to wear to school. When I looked at the halos available at the mall, they all just looked really crappy to me. Plasticky, glue showing, really fake looking flowers. I told her I thought we could do better. And so we began. The first few were very simple designs. Everyday wear. As time went by, they slowly evolved into much more elaborate wedding pieces and photo props. I fell in love with the flowers and textures that could be combined in infinite ways to create beautiful pieces.

 are Boho Halos the new veils? Can you explain the difference?

S: The wedding veil would be the more conservative or traditional choice. The most recent flower crown fad (flower crowns are certainly not a new thing!) began as a more “bohemian” style choice, but I think it has evolved into a hair accessory that most brides can embrace. Flower crowns can be so personalized. Small and dainty. Large and bold. Muted and soft. Vibrant and edgy. I feel like a bride can really put the stamp of her personality and style into a flower crown. And its not an either or choice anymore. There are many brides that beautifully pair a flower crown with a veil. Its all about the bride’s personal style.

when & where did this accessory emerge?

S: It’s funny because while I would agree that flower crowns are incredibly popular right now, they are by no means a new fad. Think Queen Victoria with her orange blossom crown, Frida Kahlo, Marie Antoinette. Flower crowns have a long history (we’re talking centuries) particularly associated with weddings and special ceremonies. However, the hippie culture of the 60’s has heavily influenced the “bohemian” accessory’s current incarnation. The bohemian style is a lot about being a free thinker, living and acting free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

“I just feel like that the flower crown fad has evolved into more than that. It’s about putting your personality into your accessories. Having your accessories accentuate your personality.”

who is most likely to wear a flower crown on a wedding day?

S: I make flower crowns for the whole wedding party. Brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, mother-of the-bride. The flower girl crown would be the most traditional. But these days whole bridal parties rock the halos!

after the dress is boxed and the bouquet is preserved, how can you recycle the flower crown & wear it with everyday outfits?

S: Flower crowns are so fun because they can be dressed up or down. A simple sundress, a flower crown and sandals work great for a mellow summer afternoon. A pair of jeans, a flowy top and a flower crown would be great for a music festival. I have clients that wear flower crowns daily and wear them with everything. Again, it comes down to be able to put your stamp on it.

your collection is large, but each crown is so unique – do you have a favorite flower crown detail?

S: Oh boy…I’m terrible at picking favorites because I love everything. It’s the contrast that makes everything beautiful. The different colors and textures. The juxtaposition of two flowers or colors that shouldn’t work together, but somehow do. I love all of it!

from a professional’s standpoint, how important are bridal accessories to the overall wedding day look?

S: It’s important to be sure that your accessories match the feel and style of your dress. But you don’t want to overdo it. It’s a fine line. You want your accessories to accentuate your look and show your personality. This is the reason flower crowns are so hugely popular! Because they can be loud and boisterous or sweet and understated. You can completely personalize this accessory to your emphasize your personality.

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