5 Must Have Elements of Pre-Wedding Party Decor

The big day requires a whole lot of planning.

But before you walk down the aisle, you’ll prance down the street to your favorite restaurant for an engagement party brunch, line dance through a bar at your bachelorette party and mosey on over to the local froyo shop after you choose your bridesmaids dresses! Your girls will do the majority of the planning for these upcoming events, but message them with a link to this post featuring our favorite pre-wedding day decor options for every party!

gold foil balloons

Gold foil balloons are the most *popping* aesthetic element, perfect for all the fun gatherings you’re about to attend! They make incredible photo props and signage for a bar or gift table. Check out my absolute favorite balloon vendor – Eugenia from BalloonUp! She offers a fabulous variety of gold and silver foil letters, numbers {in a convenient array of sizes, too!} Add some of her confetti filled latex balloons as added accents and your party {and photos} are bound to wow the bride and the guests! By the way – my “MMW” balloons from this photo-shoot lasted 8 days! I love a good quality product that exudes style.

marquee madness

Another signage essential! Marquees literally light up any darker venue. Add some flashy marquee letters to the bachelorette party bar, the engagement party DIY sundae station or a personalized marquee spelling out the bride’s new last name for the bridal shower entrance!

bold banners

The possibilities of creating the perfect banner are virtually endless! Does the bride prefer burlap or lace? Will you spell out the wedding date or the brides favorite phrase? Hang these babies on treat tables, favor spots or above a photo-booth station!

descending florals

How gorg are these hanging floral wreaths? They are beautiful decor elements that make a statement but don’t block the guests’ view as some bulky centerpieces would. Play up a rustic engagement soiree or an elegant bridal shower tea party. These bring the charm and the style to any party.

tufts of tulle

You’re used to seeing tulle on the bottom of the bride’s dress, but the light & airy fabric looks incredible falling gracefully from rafters, holding balloons in place or lining round tables. You can do so much with the textile by adding color or twisting it for texture!


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