Ceremony Favs

For richer & poorer

for weather & wiping tears – in snow and in heat.

You’ve seen them on Pinterest, Instagram & you may have even been lucky enough to receive a ceremony favor – these weather savvy are gifted to guests {usually presented on seating} to help create the most comfortable ceremony situation possible. If you’re choosing an outdoor venue, consider prepping your guests for sun, snowflakes or an extreme chance of precipitation (from the sky, or their tear ducts)



Spring is the season for growth & renewal – super romantic, but not the most consistent weather wise. Allow guests the option of grabbing umbrellas – for rain or shine!



A cheap but memorable way to impress your guests – offer dollar store shades to keep their eyes on the altar. Added bonus: when the photographer snaps the ceremony, every guest will look really chill + suave.


Woodland ceremony or lakeside nuptials? You should definitely protect your guests with some bug spray! Especially with recent Zika cases popping up throughout the U.S. {eek!} Bonus points if you throw a sunscreen in the basket, too!


If you’re planning your wedding for July, do your guests a favor by offering refreshments before the ceremony. If it’s a very casual backyard gathering, you can even throw some adult beverages in the mix – just hope that the *click-psssst* opening sound of a can doesn’t interrupt your emotional vows!



If your very end of summer/early October wedding day is still sunny & 75 – beat the last of the heat by making fans out of your programs! Guests can fan away and stay informed as the bridal party graces the aisle-way.


There have been many times my “waterproof” mascara was running down my face as I ugly cried through my good friends’ ceremonies. Eliminate black tears all together! Offer tissues or monogrammed hankies as a token of your gratitude.



How adorable are these custom ceremony keepsakes? Embroider the date on the corners or your new last name! Have guests snuggle up and enjoy the warmth of your favors and love!

keep your guests in mind when planning a seasonal wedding – rain or shine, they’ll be thankful for your thoughtfulness!

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