I’m Baaaaack!

Hey Y’all!

It’s me, Meg! Remember me – your fav wedding blogger? I left you back in August (after promising to continue blogging – my bad!) I had just moved to Tuscaloosa, AL and started my fabulous job as Brand Awareness Coordinator for Southern Shirt. The week I moved in was spent training at work and flying off to Dallas for my boyfriend’s first game of the season with the Crimson Tide. The excitingly hectic schedule never stopped. Between marketing for Southern Shirt and attending the football games on the weekends, I couldn’t bare the thought of getting back on my laptop at the end of the day…which was probably for the best, who wants half-hearted wedding planning advice anyways? Let me catch you up on the highlights of the past 6 months in my short story called:

Fast Times In Tuscaloosa

Ready? Let’s begin.

After spending the entire summer away from G, I was incredibly happy to be in the same state with him again and we settled into our cute new apartment quickly. The first weekend (before the busiest point in our lives began) he whisked me away to Nashville under the pretense we would spend the day getting breakfast & shopping. So sweet, but hard to imagine we’d travel 3 hours to do things we could easily do in T-Town. Welp…surprise, breakfast was actually A SECOND FRENCH BULLDOG


This is Lou! He was the best surprise of my entire life. Gehrig had picked him out from the same breeder Ragtime Bulldogs and we fell in love with Lou INSTANTLY! Big brother Goose took some time to welcome the new smoosh into the family, but look at them now:


That weekend, Gehrig scored his first TD for the Tide – something I’ll never forget. He pointed to his family in the stands and I literally died. This season was a game changer. The fans, the passion, the competition: everything was monumental.


The fall was spent just soaking up all the Southern charm that Tuscaloosa had to offer. I was forming incredible friendships with my team at Southern Shirt; we put together the FW16 photoshoot and prepared for the busiest time of the year: Black Friday. Isn’t office life funny? This mix of people all meshing together to achieve a goal – it felt like a bunch of siblings always laughing and having fun and inspiring each other. December rolled around quickly and while I felt like I had JUST FINALLY mastered driving around Tuscaloosa and really gaining an understanding for brand marketing, I knew our little stint in Alabama was quickly coming to an end.


Going home for the holidays was the greatest gift EVER. You really don’t appreciate everything until you leave home – and I mean really leave, not 2 hours away at school, but like 12 hours across the country. I spent every second I could with my family and loved every minute of it. We celebrated my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law’s ENGAGEMENT!  The Crimson Tide went 14-1. 1 being the National Championship. It was a let down, but I couldn’t be more proud of Gehrig for playing so hard and giving us the opportunity to live in Alabama. Within three days following the game, we were…

Off to Orlando

Yas! We’ll be living in the sunshine state for a little while as G trains for the NFL draft. This past year has been incredibly unpredictable, exciting and spontaneous – but Meg’s Modern Weddings is back and better than ever with even cuter trends and clearer info for brides to be. I hope y’all stick with me as we continue on this wild journey! Thanks to everyone who made Tuscaloosa feel a little less “temporary” and a lot more like “home.” We’re so blessed & thankful for every opportunity we were able to be a part of.

It was unforgettable.


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