Keeping the Kids Busy: & The Funnest Wedding Ever

One decision you’ll have to make as you narrow down your guest list: will your big day be child-friendly? Or should parents leave their little nose pickers at home?


I kid. Get it?

You probably attended a wedding as a child and it probably felt like the longest day of your life. Dancing, cake & running a muck with your distant cousins? Awesome. But all that other “forever in matrimony” jazz? Not so much. As an adult, I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of sitting one pew behind someone’s kid who either won’t stop staring at you or won’t stop wailing as the poor priest attempts to mutter through his lines – and God forbid a bride’s “I do!” moment is interrupted by the Minecraft theme song blaring through the church from a sticky iPad. These days, entertaining kiddos is easy and just as fun for you as it is for them! Jot down some ideas from this kid-friendly wedding day timeline. An engaged child is a happy child (who isn’t sticking their fingers in your cake!)



Their mom already made them throw on an itchy suit or last year’s frilly Easter dress, so treat the kids from the get-go. Have them step up to the confetti bar and create their own masterpiece to toss in celebration as you exit the church!

during the ceremony


During the ceremony, all you can ask for is silence. Create your own custom coloring book for the kids complete with a “decorate your own cake” page and “find the difference” activities. The only wailing and sniffling you’ll hear will be coming from your Mother-In-Law.

arriving at the reception


Two words: bounce house.

This is such a fun way to allow the kids to exert some energy with their pals and the bride and groom! It also makes for some adorable photos. Photo-booth station 2.0!

reception activities


Set up some carnivalesque games like a sack race, classic corn-hole, a hula hoop contest or ring toss that’s sure to keep the kids entertained (and most likely the groomsmen, too!)


Wedding Piñata. YASSSSSSS.

Allow the youngsters to destroy THIS cake – fill it with the bride and groom’s favorite candy.


Set aside a “kids only” zone featuring their very own teepee, tent or secluded area just for them to be as wild as they want! Picture an outdoor movie screening on a projector with a popcorn machine – you just turned YOUR best day ever into THEIR best day ever! Consider hiring a babysitter for the kids zone so that you (and their parents) can truly let loose and enjoy the festivities.



A video game station featuring DDR (or whatever the kids play these days) – this is a necessity for my future wedding as my nephews love themselves some gaming. You may want to roll this out later in the evening so the kids are still somewhat present during the reception.


Feature a kid-friendly milk & cookies toast, waaay classier than the overdone non-alcoholic Shirley Temples.  A lot of these ideas are meant to separate the kids from the adults, but they still want to be included in parts of your wedding!

the send off


Top off the night with a candy bar*! Include an eye-popping assortment of gum-balls, gummies, chocolates and rock candy. Sure, they might be going home bouncing off the walls, but their parents will be a little loopy too right?!

kids are the key to a light, fun & fabulous big day. by keeping them entertained, you’re ensuring an incredible wedding experience for you, them and their parents.

*meg’s modern weddings is not responsible for the actions and/or consequences of 6 year olds & sugar consumption

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