Instaworthy Announcement Ideas

Nothing makes my mornings like waking up next to my snoring bulldogs, flopping over to my nightstand, grabbing my phone & checking Instagram excitedly for the latest engagement posts. #ISaidYes, #Feyonce & #HePutARingOnIt are my favorite hashtags to search because many of the photos posted are the greatest moment of that person’s life! You can flash your new rock, post the exact down-on-one-knee moment, or opt for a simple selfie of you and your new fiance, the options are endless! Sensing a proposal in your future? Check out my absolute favorite insta-ideas before you post the best news!




If bae plants a photographer, you’ll be lucky enough to have the best moment captured – his hopeful smile, your surprised expression, the second he took your breath away! I love this action shot because it allows you to share the exact experience with your loved ones.



The man, the ring – the rest of your lives!

Love love love this trendy new Instagram announcement idea that features a satisfied beau & the ring! Both are obviously big parts of the moment so why choose just one?


Do you want a private proposal? Do you love the outfit in which you were proposed in? Then post this shot of yourselves – something sweet and special but doesn’t reveal every detail of what went into the big surprise, which in some cases is best left just between the two of you!



The most popular announcement is simply a shot of the ring – it’s straight to the point and you absolutely deserve to show off your tangible, diamond studded promise of a lifetime! Add to the romance by showing off the new rock in a sweet embrace, like the couple above, way cuter than hovering your hand over your kitchen countertop!

Pawfect Announcement


Did you see this one coming? Announce your engagement with the assistance of your best friend! So unique, so sweet and completely unforgettable – if you and your significant other currently parent a fur-child together, prop the ring on their snout, take a photo, post to the ‘gram & prepare to go viral.

Announcing your engagement on social media usually comes after you call your mom and before the engagement shoot – it’s kind of a big deal, so make this post one to remember!

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