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diamonds dogs are a girl’s best friend

Tracey Clegg {a crafty momma & fellow wedding lover} has found her knack for dressing a very important member of the bridal party. What started as a sweet & simple boutique for accessorizing little boys has evolved into a fabulous Etsy shop full of bow ties, suspenders & bow tie collars alike! Read on to learn more about Little Brotique & why your pup should look his best on your big day!

let’s hear it! how did LB get started?

My husband, Kameron, and I always wanted to have kids, and we both felt it was really important that I stay home with them! He got me a sewing machine for my first Mother’s Day as a mom, and I got to work. I knew that I wanted to be in the wedding business because well, I love weddings! I already knew how to sew bow ties and suspenders so I worked on my own patterns/ sizing, took pictures, and crossed my fingers as I put up my first Etsy listing. However, my first order didn’t come until 6 months later. But within about 2-3 months of that first order we were busy enough that I was able to quit my day job!

As for the name it was mainly my husband’s idea. He was so set on just “the Brotique” but since we were only doing little boy’s products at the time I felt we needed to add “Little” in there! And now with the dog bow ties it makes me think of Mulan and how her little dog was name “little brother” so, Little Brotique seems to fit well!

The dog bow ties didn’t come until about 2 years after we started our business. We were receiving so many requests for matching dog bow ties that I thought “why not!” So I worked on a pattern for those and they have been a huge success! They are my very favorite item to make! And I get the BEST pictures back from customers. Dogs are adorable in bow ties!

dogs (in wedding duds) have been trending since 2015, why do you think couples should include their furry friends in their wedding?

Dogs are so perfect for weddings! They are a part of the family and they want to celebrate too. I totally understand the hesitation though for some brides. It takes some extra work to include our little fur babies, but the memories and pictures that come from including them, make it all worth it!


We’ve seen everything from floral wreaths around the neck to fully formal doggy tuxedos! Why do you think Little Brotique bow-ties are the best choice for dogs and their brides-to-be?

I love all the fun dog wedding fashions, but you just can’t go wrong with a simple bow tie. The dogs look stunning but not uncomfortable. And a comfortable dog is a much more well behaved dog! Which is a big deal during a wedding ceremony!

A bow tie must be much more comfortable than other alternatives – can you tell us about the quality & materials?

When I was first working on the pattern for the dog bow ties I had considered a few different options. For instance, I debated on having the bow tie Velcro on and off the collar, but when it was all finished it seemed like it would be incredibly itchy! So I scratched that idea (pun intended) and went for a collar with the bow completely attached. I knew this would make our bow ties less versatile but it would add that extra comfort I was looking for. I use 100% cotton fabric which is very soft! And I also love that linen look instead of stiff polyester.

Should brides choose their pup’s accessories based on the season, the color palette, or just try to avoid a pattern that clashes with Buddy’s spots?

Choosing a color can be difficult. You want something that will match your wedding and not clash with your dogs coat color. You also want to be able too see the bow tie really well. So this is probably obvious, but if you have a lighter colored dog I would go with a darker colored bow tie and vice versa. It seems like most people think of this since my two most popular colors are the navy blue, and the blush pink! But it’s also kind of fun to have them match the groomsmen’s bow ties! I make those as well so they would be a perfect match!

I’ve got two thick necked french bulldogs (& my future sister-in-law has a really tiny yorkie mix) does Little Brotique offer bow-ties for dogs of all sizes?

There is a huge range of sizes when it comes to dogs’ necks. Because of this, I offer a wide range of sizes. Ranging from an extra small to fit a Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Maltese, etc. all the way to an extra large for labs, bulldogs, etc.  I am also willing to do custom sizes. Just email me how long you want the collar to be and how big you want the bow to be. I can make it however big/ small you need it to be!

After a bride purchases a LB accessory, when is the best time to apply the collar? Do you have any tips on keeping it clean/in good condition up until the wedding day?

When you purchase the dog bow tie make sure to try it on your dog, and if the sizing isn’t quite right I’m happy to exchange sizes. But other than that, I would wait on having your dog wear the bow tie until the event in order to keep the bow tie clean, crisp, and in place.

As the artist, what are your personal favorite colors/patterns of the Little Brotique bow ties?

My very favorite fabric for the dog bow ties is the aqua plaid fabric! It’s cute, classy, and has quite a few different colors in the pattern which make it easy to match to! Plus it looks good on most dogs. My favorite solid color though, is a toss up of the light blue and the mint. They are both classic and beautiful!


. . .

if you’re including your fur baby on the biggest day of your life, dress them accordingly! Shop Little Brotique & design your dog’s favorite accessory!

{IMAGES: Style Me Pretty Vault, Little Brotique}

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