Falling in Love with Skin Care: NeoStrata Moisturizer


We’re less than one month away from summer ’17 coming to an end! For some of you, that might mean that it’s crunch time for your planning. The year is flying by and as we transition to a new season, I wanted to emphasize the importance of keeping up your skin care routine! In Autumn, your face is way less likely to get burned/soak in sweat as you spend a day at the pool, and your makeup will last a lot longer in the cooler temps (*round of applause!*) You can take a little breather from constantly blotting your face with oil removing wipes or reapplying your concealer – but this doesn’t mean you can give up all together. Even when the air cools off, you’re still susceptible to sun damage and that’s something you definitely do not want showing up in your wedding photos.

You’ve gotta replenish your skin from summer and prep your skin for winter – so it’s a great time to check out my favorite moisturizer:



You know I love a good low-maintenance routine, and it doesn’t get any easier than 1 pump + 1 swipe on your way out the door! NeoStrata Sheer Hydration SPF is an oil-free daily hydrator that protects from the sun and keeps oil at bay. It’s super lightweight, so you’re not getting that heavy mask feel that so many other moisturizers contain. NeoStrata Sheer Hydration offers a replenishing glow without looking overly dewy and messing with your makeup. The SPF 35 protection is working against new sun damage, aiding in anti-aging and it’s multitasking (like a fab little wedding planner) working to diminish unbalanced skin tones, dark spots and unappealing textures.


You know from previous posts that brides should start defining and practicing their pre-wedding skincare routine 4-6 months before the big day. The steps you take during your personal regimen will depend on which season your wedding takes place. For brides that are planning spring nuptials, these are the steps for a complete fall formula:

1. Exfoliate

2. Restore

3. Lock In Moisture

After an intense summer spent seaside or traveling across the country with your future hubby, your skin needs a major detox. Start with an awesome exfoliant (click here for my absolute fav from Lush) and rid your face of dry, dead skin/peeling layers from your prime end-of-July tan. With a fresh canvas, you’re ready to prep with your favorite serum. The third step is definitely the most important for brides-to-be: moisturize! Lock in hydration that won’t dry out with the sharp, cool air that will sneak up on us come end of September.

NeoStrata Sheer Hydration is the perfect moisturizer – and here’s why:

I grabbed the mail after work one day and was super excited to see my NeoStrata box, but it was a Monday – I had so many tasks to check off my to-do list that the box was shoved to the side of my kitchen counter for a few hours. I had frenchies to walk, blogs to write, thighs to tone and Kansas City wedding venues to browse – skin care was the last on my list for the day.

 The following morning, I was ready to try out the moisturizer before work. Lou decided he needed to scan the entire yard before finding the perfect spot to go to the bathroom, so I was losing precious skin-centric prepping time. I ran upstairs, becoming increasingly annoyed – could I really slather on moisturizer and then apply my makeup without looking like I never showered post-workout? Whatev! I gave NeoStrata a quick pump + swipe and was out the door. On my daily commute, I immediately noticed how sheer it was. I kept glancing at my rear view mirror and examining, pleasantly surprised to find that my pores weren’t under the spotlight and I didn’t look like a grease bucket! The second thing I noticed was the smell – no overpowering lavender stench or chemical aroma, but a slight sun-screen scent that I am OBSESSED with.


Even skin tone, moisturized skin, less oil, no acne. What more can brides ask for? This is the perfect lightweight moisturizer for busy brides who can’t devote a whole 20 minute routine to daily primping. It’s a fabulous product that will enhance any bride’s skin and will eliminate the annoying issues we all deal with.

Get your NeoStrata Sheer Hydration here




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