Your Go-To Wedding Day Emergency Kit


It’s all fun & games until you need a tampon

To my fellow detail-oriented, plan obsessed brides – I hate to be the one to tell ya this, but at some point during your wedding day, you will run into an issue (minor – hopefully!) The best way to avoid little incidents that could rob even a moment of enjoying your wedding day is to be prepared! Pack your emergency kit at least a week before your big day. I’ve broken down the kit based on real brides go-to life savers and the small items that ended up being a HUGE relief:

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  • Heel Inserts & Bandaids – pack these preventative items to protect your dancing feet! Flip flops or flats are also a great reception alternative.
  • Chalk – if you’re anything like me, there’s a tiny chance you could acquire a salsa stain on your wedding gown post-ceremony. Keep chalk on hand to quickly smudge out minor stains!
  • Fashion Tape & Safety Pins – you and your girls will praise Jesus when a safety pin saves the day from a small tear or an oddly fitting bodice.
  • A Travel Sewing Kit – cute tiny scissors, just enough thread if needed.
  • Lint Roller – y’all including your two hairy french bulldogs as ushers? No? Just me? Well you should still pack a lint roller just in case!
  • Stain Pen – not all fabrics can be smudged out with chalk, so stash a Tide To-Go pen in your kit.


  • A Razor – when striving for perfection, you’ll want to pack a razor to quickly remove any annoying stubble or stupid knee hair that you can’t see in the bathroom light.
  • Contact Solution, Case & Eye Drops – you know you’re gonna be doing a lot of crying, so pack accordingly.
  • Face Wipes/Makeup Remover – whether it’s smudged mascara or your simply need to prep your face before the makeup artist arrives, check out my favs here.
  • Vaseline – vaseline is my windex, to all you My Big Fat Greek Wedding aficionados out there.
  • Hand Sanitizer & Lotion – to keep your hors d’oeuvres-grabbing hand germ-free and moisturized.
  • Hairspray – a travel-sized hairspray bottle will work to keep curls tight and fly-aways tamed!
  • Bobby Pins & Hair Ties – ALWAYS.
  • Mini Deodorant Stick – freshen up right before speeches!
  • Mouthwash, Floss & Mints – did you know mints can calm a nervous stomach? No gum chewing down the aisle!
  • An Emery Board – keep those claws contained.


  • Medicine – ibuprofen, allergy medicine, stomach relievers: having these on hand will definitely be useful.
  • Tamps & Pads – even if you’re positive that Aunt Flo won’t be in attendance, someone will need these at some point!
  • Mini Water Bottles – it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated; you are standing all day for photos and dancing all night, after all. Having your own water bottle on hand will be useful as you won’t need to stand in line at the bar to re-hydrate.
  • A Small Snack – if you know your day consists of little time for food, packing a small snack, like a Kind bar or a bag of goldfish – will save you from starvation without ruining your appetite for dinner and dessert!
  • A Mini Umbrella – protect your hair and makeup at all costs, regardless of what the weatherman says!
  • A Mini 4-Pack of Barefoot – let’s not act like these aren’t the most important.


  • Your Debit Card/$$$ – have your ID and a card on hand for tips at the end of the night or last minute convenience store runs!
  • Printed Information – it’s a great idea to have contact information of vendors and the bridal party, as well as directions to the reception and ceremony locations, on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Phone Charger – incredibly important these days! Simply using social media pre-ceremony can wipe your phone battery, so bring an extra charger with you to ensure that you’re able to take pictures all night!

  A perfect, problem-free wedding is never promised, and sometimes minor issues make for better memories to look back on and laugh about. But by stashing these items away in a travel bag, you’ll definitely help secure a stress-free ceremony and reception.

Better to be safe than sorry!

. . .

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