One Beautiful Bride: Beauty Services to Consider

New boobs, lip injections & lipo?

That’s a little excessive.


But there are TONS of reasonable beauty services to consider to help you look & feel your best on the big day!

Beauty derives from health. Do you practice a skincare regimen, fuel your body with nutritious foods, workout to stay strong, exfoliate dead skin, deep condition your hair and protect your body? I know, I know – life happens. It’s hard to give yourself proper care when you have a future hubby + kids (or in my case, bulldogs) to care for on top of working AND running a household. But this entire chapter of your life (“The Wedding“) is all about you. With a little inspo, determination, and the help of your local professionals, you will be the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day. These are the most popular services to consider:



Brides are often encouraged to step outside their comfort zones with dramatic makeup looks or a hair style that they don’t normally wear. I’m not saying pair a smokey eye, bright red lipstick and a braided faux hawk down the aisle, but do opt for a heavier makeup look (guaranteed to show up in photos) and a hair style you love. Even if you’re balling on a budget, this is the one time in your life that you should pamper yourself with a professional. I 10000% recommend hiring both a hair stylist and makeup artist AND scheduling trials in advance to ensure your vision comes to life. Not sure where to find your glam squad? Check out the local talent in your area with Thumbtack.


LashesLash extensions were the beauty boom of 2016, and they’re a GOD SEND. I have short, blonde eyelashes, so lash extensions were my last resort to achieving feminine, thick and curly lashes to bat at my fiancé when I wanted to make a 9pm Dairy Queen run. I’ve messed with false lashes and that stupid glue (that smells like shrimp *gags*) but the process always ends in me flying off the handle with frustration. Lash extensions are amazing because 1) they can last up to six weeks 2) a professional applies them for you – no meltdown necessary & 3) depending on how long you choose to wear them, they’ll keep your peepers looking gorgeous even after the honeymoon! Things to consider: you’re going to have to take good care of these babies. I have the most trouble adjusting to showering (using my hands as a makeshift visor while I shampoo) and sleeping (attempting not to roll over or lay with your face smashed into your pillow.) I think the effort is totes worth the reward. Read more at Brides!



I’ll never forget going to get my hair done for Prom junior year. I had a magazine cut out of Jessica Simpson (the good ol’ pre-Pinterest days) and I was expecting these big, blonde, beautiful, cascading curls. I walked out with a thin, shoulder length style and a whole lot of disappointment. “It’s not like the pic!” I whined to my BFF. “That’s because she’s wearing extensions, Meg!” she countered. The following week I went to Sally’s and snagged my first pair of 18″ clip-in hair extensions. I LOVED them! They’re easy to put in, take out, and totally help you achieve the length/volume/style you’re going for. I know dozens of brides who purchased clip-in extensions solely for their wedding day and don’t regret it at all! If you are going to use extensions, make sure you get them cut and colored by a professional hair stylist to match your own hair. They can also give you a tutorial of how to clip them in discretely. I stand by the brand Euronext – available at Sally’s. These days, I’m content with my natural hair length, but sometimes I’ll throw them in for a big event or for a braid – that’s the beauty of clip-in’s.



Speaking of your mane, let’s have it colored at least a week before you exchange vows. Touch up those roots or erase the grays just in time for your next photoshoot. Try to stay away from the current trends – like an obvious ombré, or “deep violet brunette” because trust me, you’ll regret it when the fad has fizzled. A trim and deep condition would do wonders for your tresses as well!



I don’t consider myself “high maintenance” (the weekly online shopping binge is normal, right?) and never pictured myself as a spa-goer. This past winter, I had my first spa service EVER & it was phenomenal: a super relaxing microdermabrasion seaweed facial – the results were amazing. It’s way less painful than it sounds, simply exfoliating your face to renew skin cells. You should get facials/peels done at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding day to ensure you won’t have a reaction. It doesn’t have to cost an arm + a leg either! Browse local deals through Groupon to book your next budget-friendly facial appointment.



Seeking a flawless finish? Airbrush makeup is the answer. The technique virtually erases any imperfections, like scars, acne or fine lines. It’s a fabulous option for any skin-centric self conscious bride and lasts from your morning mimosa to the last drink of the night!



Y’all – we cannot offset our gorgeous white gowns with a slightly yellow smile. Nine times out of ten, you can use a little whitening boost. I’m an avid coffee drinker so I like to whiten my smile at least two times a year with Crest whitening strips. You can talk to your dentist about professional in-office whitening services, or go the natural route with Carbon Coco‘s activated charcoal toothpaste. I suggest whitening at least 3 weeks before the big day to avoid sensitivity ruining your cut-the-cake moment.



You plan on showing off that ring, right? Make sure your claws are in order! Whether you’re going for classic french tipped acrylics, a soft pink gel or a cream coat of regular polish – pamper yourself (and your bridesmaids) a few days before the ceremony to ensure gorgeous nails for all parties.



Even if you’re a stark white ginger or you’re planning winter nuptials – a healthy glow never hurt nobody! I’m SO off of tanning beds – please don’t risk your health for a bronze. There are plenty of color boosting faux tan lotions and wipes, but for such a big event, I recommend getting a professional spray tan about 2 days ahead of time.

. . .


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