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The only person who can make bright red cheeks and pasty skin look welcoming is Saint Nick himself – so before you hit up those Holiday gatherings and pre-wedding parties, be sure you look and feel your best by gifting yourself a pamper sesh with

Annie DeVol Artistry


This beauty is BOMB! I met Annie when I decided to use a makeup artist for my engagement photos. I could’ve booked her solely based off of her awesome prices, but after peeking through her portfolio filled with elegantly glam brides, I knew she the key to helping me achieve the bridal look I was so desperately seeking! Get to know her:

Can you tell my brides a little bit about your background and how you became a makeup artist?

Annie DeVol: I have always had a love for makeup – I have lots of sweet memories from my childhood of my grandmother always being so supportive and encouraging of my passion. She would ask me to come do her makeup and shape her brows and I remember feeling so good when she would wear it in public! With my husband’s encouragement, I finally decided to take the jump and start Annie De Vol Artistry. I had been hesitant for so long, I thought I would lose my passion for makeup if I turned it into a career. Just the opposite has happened! There is SO MUCH fulfillment in helping someone have a boost of confidence.

The best feeling in the world is knowing you played a role in lifting someone’s spirits and helping them feel gorgeous!

Confidence is everything! And people are becoming so much more advanced with makeup thanks to DIY platforms like Instagram, Youtube, etc. But why do you think brides should seek a professional MUA for their big day?

AD: There is a lot that can be learned by these platforms, I think we have some incredible tools at our fingertips! However, this is your wedding day – this special day is a really big deal. 
So many brides have told me how grateful they were to have a professional handle this and not have to worry about possibly screwing up their makeup. TRUST ME! This is a day to be pampered. Another thing to consider with this is how much you’ll end up spending to DIY. For quality makeup that will last throughout the day, you’ll be spending significantly more to purchase those products on your own.


That’s great advice. I felt so relieved to have you there to help me primp for my engagement photos! How can brides help you? How can they make your job easier?

AD: Brides can make my job easier by having a general idea of what they like and what look they are going for. More importantly, being clear and specific about dislikes before we begin is huge! Arriving with a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face (even if you are oily, it is important to moisturize.) It’s easy to put your health on the back burner when you are planning a wedding, but keep in mind, staying hydrated and eating well is the best thing you can do to have healthy, glowing skin on your special day!

Okay, I’m adding “going into the trial with a clear idea and clear skin” to my bridal beauty to-do list! So how far out should brides book their trials?

AD: I don’t have a preference on this. I completely cater to my brides’ wishes on when they feel most comfortable doing a trial. If they decide to do one immediately, then another closer to the wedding day, I’m good with that too! What I want them to get out of it is complete satisfaction. I want them to know that I will make any adjustments needed in order for them to be confident. I want them to feel a sense of relief in knowing they can cross that off the list and not worry about it!


That is so nice for brides with busy schedules! Speaking of that, with all of Holiday parties coming up, can you dish on current winter beauty trends?

AD: Yes! This is my absolute favorite time of year! I love to bust out all of the deep holiday colors. I say that like I have them tucked away the rest of the year…but that isn’t the case! I love all of the reds. A good look for holiday parties that is always trendy for this time of year is a natural eye with a bold lip, or a smokey eye with a natural or muted lip. Also, feel free to highlight away. If you prefer to go full glam, a glitter cut crease is definitely trending!

Glitter creases are SO big right now. Just like airbrushing – a new service you offer! WOOHOO! *round of applause*

AD: Oh my goodness, Meg – I cannot express in words how excited I am about this! I’ve been going back and forth on this for a long time. I was getting so many mixed reviews from clients on their previous airbrush experiences. Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin with a compressor. It feels very lightweight, instantly blends as it is applied and really looks flawlessly natural. There are different types of airbrush makeup, I prefer the Hydralock foundation because it is water/sweat (and toddler) resistant. This stuff does NOT budge! 

I love that you always put your clients first (even when considering new trends!) What else sets you apart from other artists in the area?

AD: I think Kansas City has a plethora of talented artists. I will say I’ve had several clients mention dirty brushes and other things that are not sanitary and absolutely not okay. I’m certain this isn’t an issue with all other artists in the area, just something to be aware of!

I remember we talked about the utter importance of this! Can you give brides who aren’t located in Kansas City a few mandatory traits to look for when they book a makeup artist?

AD: Sanitation is huge! They should be using disposables and have clean, sanitized hands and brushes. You absolutely have to have an artist that is listening to you on likes/dislikes. If they act annoyed because you want to change something, consider changing your artist. This may seem like a no-brainier but I hear about this often. They should have a portfolio of their work for you to look through.

I agree that an artist who listens is super important – but how do brides choose their perfect wedding day look? There is SO much bridal beauty inspo floating around social media, it can get a little overwhelming.

AD: I like to have brides send me pictures or give me a detailed description of what they really love. It helps to know what their dress looks like as well.  Often times we end up combining 3 or 4 different styles. My top tips would be to go with something not too far from your everyday. If you don’t wear makeup and you go full glam on your wedding day, you may not be comfortable. That is going to be captured in the photographs. I personally like to steer clear of current makeup trends for brides. How are you going to feel about those eyebrows or harsh contour lines on your fireplace mantel 10 years from now?


Book this beauty professional for your holiday party, your bridal shower and your big day! Contact Annie DeVol today

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