Brides & Grooms for the Greater Good: A Charity-Centric Registry

Arguably the best part of planning?

The part where you get to tell everyone what to buy you!

The registry y’all! It’s the perfect opportunity for young couples to stock up on goodies for their future place, or for couples that already live together, upgrade their current collection. As much as I love the Big Lots and dollar store array of serving platters and kitchen appliances that G and I acquired throughout college, I can’t wait to adorn my future kitchen with quality, matching tools! For our registry, we’ve chosen to go with:


Zola is certainly the modern way to register. It’s an online suite that allows couples to complete their registry online with options ranging from tangible items (you can never go wrong with the classic Kitchenaid Mixer) to “experiences” (skydiving, safaris in Africa, a hot air balloon tour over Dallas – seriously, your bucket list just met it’s match!) See how to use it below:

For some couples, they’ve already established themselves and filled their homes to perfection. They might not need stemware or “Mr. & Mrs.” matching slippers (whatevs, send them to me!) but traditional wedding guests just can’t fathom showing up empty handed. Zola has the capability for brides & grooms to set up charity funds through the site. You can crowdfund donations of any amount from your guests! Zola has this fabulous option called “group gift” where your guests can all contribute separately to one item – whether that be a foundation or a Yeti cooler. You can add background information about the foundation and why it means something to you as a couple. It’s a wonderful option for those who feel funny accepting gifts or just want to add it to their registry in addition to their list of needs. See ours:
Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 4.01.43 PM

It’s an incredibly easy way for the bride, groom and guests to give back. Choose a local organization, a charity that you currently volunteer at or a foundation that is in dire need of help. Not using an online platform to register? No worries! You can link a foundation to your wedding website or set out a card table specifically for donations to your charity of choice. You can always forgo flowers or favors and use that part of the budget to donate to your preferred foundation instead.

Eat Cake. Drink Champagne. Donate Through Your Registry!

. . .


(Cover Image by: Aaron Delesie)


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