The Best Mother of the Bride + Groom Gifts

Life doesn’t come with a manual

But good news: it comes with a Mom.

And who better to calm your anxiety, dry your tears and curl up next to with a cup of tea and a Pinterest board? Moms are the best. They help plan, they help fund and after all that work they have to “give away” their babies! That’s why it’s so important to take time to genuinely thank your parents and cherish the added quality time spent with them as you move towards such a major life event.

Choosing gifts for your parents can be tricky. Your Mom deserves a waterfront beach house but you’re on a Yankee candle budget – and after all that planning, you might be lucky enough to have $100 in your checking account. Finding the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom the perfect gifts doesn’t have to be another stressful task on the to-do list; check out what we gifted our Mom’s this Mother’s Day (a whopping 365 days in advance….welp!)


These gorg little beauties may look like your average wedding clutch – but look inside!

Angee W. and Vincci are an incredible duo from Hong Kong who specialize in custom photo clutches for moms of the bride, groom, bridesmaids and brides! They take your photos and print them into the interior of beautifully crafted, stunningly detailed bags. They have a variety of colors and designs featuring lace, beads, pearls and sequins – no matter what your color palette or style, they have a custom clutch for you!

As if the photos weren’t enough to open the floodgates of tears, you can also embroider a sweet message on the other side of the clutch. My fiance and I both included simple words that would resonate with our Momma’s and remind them that even on the big day, a true mark of adulthood, we’ll always be their babies and we’ll always need their love, support and guidance!

The clutches include a short chain as a handle and come in the sweetest gift box so you can gift it right away. Shipping from Hong Kong to the United States can take up to 4-5 weeks, but ours arrived in 2! Angee W. was informative throughout the entire process, taking extra care to transform our scanned images and place them to our heart’s content on the inside of the bags. The finished products were worlds better than what I had even expected!


These are such thoughtful, heart-warming and sentimental gifts that your moms will keep and appreciate forever. She’ll be able to hold her baby close as she walks with you down the aisle.

Check out Angee W. and their fabulous variety of options here.

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