Gifts For the Man Who Loved You First

There are SO many moments I’m looking forward to on my wedding day

I mean – it is the best day of your life and all, but when you break it down into those little memorable moments (seeing your groom’s reaction, your Mom tying the back of your dress, dancing to JuJu On That Beat with your nephews…just me?) you see the big picture, the reason behind weddings: celebrating with your loved ones. So the moment that’s bringing me equal amounts of excitement and dread: the first look with my dad. I can’t even type this without getting teary eyed! I’m the youngest of 3, with a ten year age gap, so I’ve always been incredibly close to my parents throughout my life. I always laugh when I think back on my dad dropping me off at daycare – I SOBBED every single day (to my teacher’s dismay.) When he said goodbye to me at college? Cried so hard I threw up. When he dropped me off in Alabama then Kansas? Carried on, blubbering for the next three days. There’s just something about dad’s, you know? So on my big day, I’m gifting my dad with the perfect little sentiment that let’s him know that no matter how old I get, I’ll always need him.

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These little cuties are stitched to the back, tip of a men’s tie. They’re like a little hidden memento that your dad can keep close to his heart throughout the day and afterwards. You can customize your own with a favorite photo, message (“daddo” is my nickname for him) and your wedding date! I went through Etsy to find one for my dad and father-in-law – both a little different but perfect for our dad’s.

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G wasn’t really feeling the daintiness of the heart – so we went with a simple image of him and his dad. I love the shape and embroidery on mine, but had a few issues with the shop who created it (I actually had to do some maintenance and DIY/correct the date on mine, which arrived incorrectly – TWICE.) G’s came from Love & Lace whose specialty is printed handkerchiefs. We really wanted to find an equivalent to our Mother’s Day custom clutches and these were the perfect balance of simple and sweet.

You may decide that you’d rather go for a heartfelt message instead of a photo, or do both! Imagine your dad’s reaction; he’s getting ready, putting on the final touches and sees the customized surprise, taking him back to good old days when all that mattered was teaching, loving and mentoring his little girl.

He set the standard for finding your perfect man, reward him with a special memory.


. . .

(IMAGES: Cover image by: Rachel Pearlman Photography via Style Me Pretty Vault, Product pictures by Meg Kraft, Pinterest)

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